Synthogy, LLC was founded in October of 2003 by two former Kurzweil engineers (chief sound designer, and senior DSP engineer for the legendary Synthesizer manufacturer).

Synthogy’s goal from inception was to become a leading developer of virtual instrument technology, principally by designing their software instruments to truly be musical instruments. Unlike many music software companies, Synthogy’s founders are able to bring many years of hardware musical instrument design experience to the world of software instruments.

In addition to setting new standards for sound quality and realism, the company’s mission was to make software virtual instruments sound and behave like real musical instruments. To achieve this goal, the instruments would need to be musical enough to satisfy the most discerning and accomplished professional musicians.

The founders further maintained that if their instruments could be as musically responsive and enjoyable to satisfy the virtuoso performer, then they would also appeal to the lesser accomplished, semi-professional, amateur, and even novice players, as well as home recording enthusiasts.