ProjectSAM in one word? ‘Cinematic’. Their libraries are specifically created for film, TV and game composers. And as composers in these industries themselves, ProjectSAM know exactly how they want their mixes to sound. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of the world of cinematic composition, they continually discover and bridge existing gaps in the music sampling industry.


As one of the world’s most respected orchestral sample development companies, ProjectSAM’s sounds are used by leading composers to develop scores for blockbuster films, TV and video games across the globe. 

It began in 2001 when composers Spruijt, Beijer and Deegenaars teamed-up to record their own orchestral samples, spurred-on by their dissatisfaction with the samples available at the time.

The ProjectSAM sound they created together is best described as deep and warm, with a focus on unique articulations and effects. Because they offer each library in multiple microphone sets, the samples fit into any mix easily. In each of their libraries they include playing techniques, instrument combos and cinematic effects that you won´t find anywhere else.