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Vienna MIR Pro 3D - surround sound in all dimensions

The 3rd generation of the revolutionary mixing and room simulation software Vienna MIR Pro is here! Vienna MIR Pro 3D offers the highest resolution through 3rd order Ambisonics, support for 3D audio, three-dimensional positioning of instruments and virtual microphones in space, and 3D graphics for your mixes in all formats, from stereo and binaural to surround and immersive 3D applications !

New features and possibilities

  • Full 3D audio support - With Vienna MIR Pro 3D you are prepared for every imaginable output format, from stereo to surround mixes in various configurations to pure ambisonics, prepared for further processing in binaural mixes and immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio etc.

  • 3rd Order Ambisonics - Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is used throughout the signal path, providing a more natural sound with better spatial envelopment and localization of sound sources. All previous RoomPacks were scaled up to HOA using a specially developed process by the VSL research partner Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics - IEM in Graz, one of the world's leading Ambisonics research institutions.

  • New Preset Management - Choose from a variety of preconfigured venue presets to line up your instruments or create your own setups, quickly switch between setups and use the new "Roles" to quickly assign all parameters to a sound source.

  • Tabbed Venues - With Vienna MIR Pro 3D you can use several rooms at the same time, move instruments and entire orchestras from one hall to another, or use different setups of the same room next to each other. With the help of the new "roles" (roles) this can be done easily and in a meaningful way.

  • Upmixing - Use Vienna MIR Pro 3D as a simple yet extremely flexible tool to create 3D formats from your stereo mixes.

More features

  • "Spheres" as a new, alternative approach to decoding higher order ambisonics in contrast to the usual virtual microphone capsules

  • Three modes for adjusting the relation between dry and effect signal (dry/wet volume ratio): CLASSICAL – SCORING – POP

  • Function-specific grouping of MIR icons

  • “Auto-Aiming” the MIR icon towards the main microphone wherever it is placed in the room.

  • User presets can easily be passed on

  • Full compatibility with existing Vienna MIR Pro projects

The MIR Factor

Vienna MIR Pro 3D is a mixing and room simulation software based on the revolutionary Multi Impulse Response (MIR) convolution reverb technology. In addition to virtual instruments, any audio signal can be placed extremely authentically in "multi-sampled" rooms using the MIR icon. All aspects of the setup in the room and the reverberation are thus combined in a single, intuitive workflow in the sense of "holistic mixing".

With the MIR 3D RoomPacks, outstanding scoring stages, concert halls, recording studios and churches are available.

The MIR Control Icon

In contrast to the conventional process of mixing, in which countless parameters complicate the path from the musical creation process to the final sonic result, Vienna MIR Pro 3D offers a completely new "spatial concept" that allows you to interact in real time with the virtual musicians more like a conductor than a sound engineer to interact. Instead of trying to add clarity and depth to the mix with two-dimensional sliders, knobs, pre-delay values, phases, etc., the MIR Control Icon lets you place any audio signal in three-dimensional space and control almost every sonic aspect quickly and intuitively Taxes. You have direct access to all parameters such as volume, stereo width, 3D orientation and dry/wet signal ratio in the MIR Icon.

Much more than just "reverb"

Vienna MIR Pro 3D is more than a "multi-sampled" room and far surpasses conventional convolution reverb applications available on the market. The software combines the direct and reflected parts of each individual instrument with all other acoustic interactions of the room to a detailed and authentic reproduction of the musicians playing on the spot. Vienna MIR Pro 3D is a multi-source, multi-directional, multi-positional and multi-format application.

The magic of space

Each room has its very own sonic characteristics, its own DNA, which includes the imperfections that ultimately create its magic. Now imagine the sound of a grand piano. Do you think it would be enough to sample only middle C to create a convincing virtual grand piano? Rather, all the keys have to be recorded individually, in as many attack and dynamic levels as the human ear can distinguish. The same applies to sampling a room. The acoustic impulses (sine sweeps) to excite the room must be sent out from as many places as possible in all directions, including up to the ceiling and down to the floor, in order to be able to capture all the impulse responses in the room.

For example, what happens when a solo horn is placed on the virtual stage of a concert hall in Vienna MIR Pro 3D? First, based on the exact position, a set of eight pulses (six for the horizontal, two for the vertical) is excited. Even before the convolution, the "directivity profile" of the instrument is applied according to its directional radiation characteristics, which significantly influences the frequency distribution and volume. The software takes these directional differences in sound into account and calculates them in real-time, so you hear the solo horn exactly as it would if it were being played at your designated spot on stage.

MIR Pro 3D Features

  • Mixing and room simulation software based on Multi Impulse Response Convolution convolution reverb technology
  • Up to 6,000 impulse responses per room, depending on room size and number of microphone positions
  • Graphical 3D user interface with 3D navigation of the selected concert hall and zooming via scroll wheel
  • Tabbed venues for the simultaneous use of different rooms
  • Microphone Position Offset allows the virtual microphones to be placed freely at any position in three-dimensional space.
  • Up to 40 positions per space for instrument placement, with interpolation between sectors for seamless transitions
  • Six pulses recorded in 60° steps horizontally and two vertically radiated pulses for each position
  • The reverb length can be changed individually for each microphone position
  • GUI options like instrument grouping, hide icons, instrument focus
  • MIR Control Icon with visual feedback for quick and direct access to the most important parameters of the linked signal source
  •  "Auto-Aiming" (automatic alignment) of the MIR icon to the main microphone
  • Wet signal busses allow individual room EQ settings for different signal sources.
  • Character presets (like 'Air', 'Silk', 'Bite', 'Distant', 'Warm') for quick timbre changes
  • Comprehensive preset management of venue presets and rolls
  • Optional distance-dependent volume adjustment and air absorption filter
  • Equalizer for room and sum signal
  • Adjustable room tone (natural noise floor)
  • Third order ambisonics for output in various stereo, surround and immersive formats
  • Works with all common sample sampling rates (up to 192 kHz)
  • Full latency compensation
  • MIRacle plug-in: Direct access to a tailor-made, algorithmic overall reverb for sound refinement
  • Supports AU/VST/VST3/AAX Native formats for direct integration as a plug-in in all popular DAWs

Important: With the purchase of Vienna MIR Pro 3D you receive a license. If you want to use Vienna MIR Pro 3D on several computers at the same time, Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) is an inexpensive additional license solution.

*Upgrade from Vienna MIR Pro to Vienna MIR Pro 3D

**Upgrade from Vienna MIR Pro 24 to Vienna MIR Pro 3D

***Upgrade from Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) to Vienna MIR Pro 3D
Users who upgrade from Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) to Vienna MIR Pro 3D will not receive an additional 3D RoomPack.


For smaller projects (e.g. for Vienna Special Edition users):


  • macOS 10.13 or later
  • 64 bit
  • Intel i7 Quad or higher
  • RAM: 12GB


  • Windows 8.1/10
  • 64 bit
  • Intel i7 Quad or higher
  • RAM: 12GB

For big projects :


  • macOS 10.13 or later
  • 64 bit
  • Mac Pro 8-Core Xeon 5520 "Gainstown" or higher
  • RAM: 24GB


  • Windows 10/11
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Quad Xeon 5520 or higher
  • RAM: 24GB

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