Vienna Symphonic Orchestra


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This bundle includes all the separately available SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwinds Packs that broaden the range of instruments of Vienna’s SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Collection. Each Single Woodwinds Pack contains the sample database of the corresponding VI Single Instrument that was re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

While SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds includes all the instruments of a triple woodwind line-up that is typically used for large orchestrations, these additional instruments included in the SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwinds Package expand the woodwind section in range, color and style:

SYNCHRON-ized Alto Flute

SYNCHRON-ized Bass Flute

SYNCHRON-ized Oboe d’Amore

SYNCHRON-ized Heckelphone

SYNCHRON-ized Clarinet (Eb)

SYNCHRON-ized Basset Horn

SYNCHRON-ized Contrabass Clarinet

What’s more, these ensembles consist of three musicians who were recorded together playing in unison:

SYNCHRON-ized Flute Ensemble

SYNCHRON-ized Oboe Ensemble

SYNCHRON-ized Clarinet Ensemble

SYNCHRON-ized Bassoon Ensemble

The ensembles lend themselves well to large orchestrations, holding their own against large string and brass sections. Their well-balanced ensemble sound can be emphasized in the mix and still blends well with the orchestra, without risking that one of the instruments stands out as a solo instrument.

All solo and ensemble instruments feature the full set of articulations that’s on par with the instruments of SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds, offering various short and long notes, legato variants (including fast legatos that let you play trills), dynamic articulations such as crescendos and diminuendos, fp, sfz, sffz, pfp, flutter tongue, trills, repetitions and more.

Refined from the ground up

Starting with the raw, unprocessed original Silent Stage recordings for the VI Single Instruments and Woodwind Collections, Vienna’s team of sound editors re-created a perfectly balanced and pristine-sounding sample database, increasing both the flexibility and ease-of-use of all articulations for a quick and creative work-flow. 

The Synchron Player’s integrated convolution reverb, derived from Vienna MIR Pro, adds the outstanding ambience of the 540 m² (5,813 sq.ft.) main hall of Synchron Stage Vienna to the dry samples in real-time. Expertly crafted mixer presets place each instrument on its perfect spot on stage, resulting in a production-ready sound “out of the box” that blends seamlessly with the instruments of SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds as well as with every other product in the Synchron Series.

Crossgrade prices from the Standard Libraries and the Full Libraries of the corresponding VI Single Instruments, Collections and SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions are available.