Vienna Symphonic Orchestra


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This collection contains the entire, revised and expanded sound material of the successful Vienna Dimension Brass II Collection. In addition to the three brass ensembles played with mutes, you will also find unique recordings with four Wagner tubas. In addition, the new Synchron Player offers the outstanding surround sound of the Synchron Stage Vienna, which, thanks to its excellent acoustics, is one of the best recording halls in the world.  

  • 4 brass ensembles - 16 individually microphoneed instruments
  • Trumpet ensemble (4 trumpets with mute)
  • Horn ensemble (4 horns with mute)
  • Trombone ensemble (4 trombones with mute)
  • Wagner tuba ensemble (4 Wagner tubas)

- Authentic ensemble sound with direct access to each individual voice
- Humanize presets enable control of the playing accuracy in real time
- Newly edited, mastered and expanded sound material
- Optimized for the free, easy-to-use Vienna Synchron Player
- Outstanding surround sound of the Synchron Stage Vienna (Stage A)
- "Out-of-the-box" sound - can be used immediately without further sound processing

Brass ensembles with mutes

As a supplement to SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass I, this collection contains recordings of three brass ensembles played with mutes: All instruments (4 trumpets, 4 trombones and 4 horns) were given so-called "straight mutes" and recorded as ensembles. The individual microphones of the instruments enable direct access to each individual voice, which allows you to control the sound characteristics, volume, articulation or playing accuracy of the musicians in real time. Speaking of playing accuracy: It is precisely the small inaccuracies and interactions during live music-making that ensure a realistic brass sound. Musicians in an ensemble listen to each other and continuously adapt to their fellow players, changing timbre, volume, intensity and intonation. VSL captured all of these individual nuances in isolation using sophisticated recording technology. In the Synchron Player you can choose from various humanize presets with which you can select and control the playing accuracy of the four musicians according to your taste and the musical requirements. The sonic results are incredibly authentic and breathtaking!

Earth and elven sounds

In addition to the three ensembles recorded with mutes, SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass II also offers recordings of a group of four Wagner tubas. Richard Wagner lived in exile in Switzerland from 1849 to 1850 and went on extensive hikes there, during which he was inspired both visually and aurally by the landscape and nature. His magnum opus “The Ring of the Nibelung”, a monumental, four-part opera cycle with a total performance of 16 hours, was also created at this time. For this he imagined a sublime, dark and archaic brass sound, a mixture of a horn and a trombone that Adophe Sax (the inventor of the saxophone) built for him. In fact, the Wagner tuba created in this way represents a special form of the tenor horn, since both the mouthpiece and the valves are identical to the horn. The Wagner tuba ensemble consisting of 4 players in SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass II is unique in this form and cannot be found in any other library! Its strong, down-to-earth, wide and floating sound enriches your music with an epic dimension!

Extended articulations

SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass II contains all samples of the well-known Vienna Dimension Brass II Collection. Expanded with new articulations to a full library, it offers a multitude of variations, even finer gradations and thus even more possibilities of expression. The new performance glissandi were not simply “programmed”, but actually recorded - for the trombones up to the tritone, for the trumpets and horns even up to the octave. They can be seamlessly combined with the Legato Performances. Also new are the so-called “medium sustained notes” in six different dynamic levels, which were not looped and thus reproduce the very natural end of the instruments. Particularly seamless transitions can be achieved with a continuous controller, with which you can switch between the different volumes - from a soft timbre to assertive, thunderous fortissimo and vice versa, everything is possible. In addition, crescendi and diminuendi were recorded in different lengths (1, 2 and 3 seconds) - these are indispensable for the absolutely authentic brass sound. The new long portati with a tone duration of about half a second, in turn, fill exactly the area between the short and long notes.

Vienna Synchron Player

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass II is compatible with all Synchron Series products and also includes the free Vienna Synchron Player. Thanks to its powerful playback engine, it offers unmatched streaming performance and, at the same time, maximum ease of use. Short and long notes, portato or legato, glissandi, tone repetitions or different volumes can be controlled intuitively in real time just by operating a few predefined controllers, so that manual switching of articulations is reduced to a minimum. The innovative algorithms of the synchron player really bring the brass ensembles to life and you can effortlessly achieve the highest level of realism and expressiveness.

Outstanding surround sound

For SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass II, the VSL software developers have implemented a specially developed convolution reverb in the Synchron Player, which is based on the innovative Vienna MIR Pro technology and the unique acoustics of the 540 m2 Stage A of the Synchron Stage Vienna exactly reproduced. Tailor-made presets are available for ideal placement in the room, for which the impulse responses and reverberation parameters have been individually adapted for the respective ensemble by our experienced sound engineers. Since the space of the Synchron Stage Vienna is added to the dry samples in real time, a finished sound image is created immediately, which can be used "out-of-the-box", ie without further post-processing in a production.

System requirements

  • PC Windows 8.1 / 10 (last update, 64-bit), Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • macOS 10.10.05 or higher, Intel Core i3
  • SSD (M2, Sata 6 or USB3 / 3.1 UASP support) for the sample content
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • AU / VST / AAX Native Compatible Host Program (AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
  • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB copy protection plug) or other USB eLicenser (e.g. from Steinberg or Arturia)

Other system configurations can work, but are not actively supported.


  • PC Windows10 (last update, 64-bit), Intel i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon
  • macOS 10.12.6 (or higher), Intel i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon
  • 16 GB RAM or more, depending on your registered products
  • 88 key master keyboard

Product activation:
Vienna Instruments and software require a ViennaKey !
The USB dongle from eLicenser (Steinberg compatible) is not included in the Vienna Instruments, but must be purchased separately. So you have to order at least one ViennaKey or Steinberg eLicenser together with your first VSL product. Each ViennaKey can store up to 100 product licenses.
You also need an internet connection on any computer to authorize a ViennaKey.