Vienna Symphonic Orchestra


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Synchron Package

The Collections included in this bundle were recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna, capturing the exceptional ambience of this massive scoring stage with a multitude of microphone setups. All the audio signals are available in the internal mixer of the Vienna Synchron Player, expertly balanced in various mixer presets as a starting point for your own custom sound.

The difference between the Standard Library and the Full Library of any Synchron Collection is the number of microphone positions. Both portions include the same set of articulations.

The Synchron Package includes these Collections:

Synchron Strings Pro

Synchron Strings I

Synchron Elite Strings

Synchron FX Strings I

Yamaha CFX

Synchron Concert D-274

Blüthner 1895

Bösendorfer 280VC

Bösendorfer Imperial

Bösendorfer Upright

Synchron Percussion I

Synchron Percussion II

Synchron Power Drums