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Synchron stage plate and temple bells

Synchron Bells II is a release from the Synchron Percussion II collection and contains bell plates and temple bells.

Bell plates were first used in ancient Asia. They found their way into the orchestra in the 19th century with Verdi and Berlioz. Sets with chromatically tuned bell plates have only been around since the 20th century. In the orchestra, bell plates are mainly used as a substitute for real bells. Due to the rich overtone spectrum, they are particularly suitable for setting individual tonal accents.

The bell plates from Synchron Percussion II are available in a range of 4 octaves (C2-C7). This tonal range is extraordinarily large, both upwards and downwards, and is only available in this form in a few orchestras. A range of 2 octaves is common. They were sampled with up to 4 dynamic levels and 4 single-strike repetitions, both played with the bell hammer and with the metal mallet, which results in a very sharp sound. An effect play style with a bow is also available.

Temple bells or singing bowls have developed from traditional Far Eastern kitchenware. There are similar instruments in traditional Zen Buddhism. Today singing bowls are often used for meditation and therapy. They have a round, warm sound and have a calming effect.

The temple bells of Synchron Percussion II were recorded in up to 4 dynamic levels and 4 single-strike repetitions. They were beaten with soft, hard and triangular mallets, rubbed with bobbins, or bowed with a bow.

Scope of the library

  • Standard Library: Samples 15,652 | Download size 4.3 GB | Installed file size 11.5 GB

  • Full Library: Samples 27,391 | Download size 9.0 GB | Installed file size 23.0 GB

System requirement

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  • RAM: 8GB (16GB recommended)
  • SSD hard drive recommended


  • Windows 8-10
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • RAM: 8GB (16GB recommended)
  • SSD hard drive recommended

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