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Press, Perform, Play! Loop, Latch, Change!

Zero-G STAMINA Production Toolkit is a Kontakt instrument designed with the songwriter in mind. In a world where life is so busy it is often hard to think about details or choice, as your time matters. STAMINA is here to assist in those decisive moments, with its full-on melody sections and loops that are waiting to be explored.

The idea is simple, to Select, Play and Create - let the music guide you so you can start off with an idea, then add to it as you develop your own creative inspiration - or simply work with what’s there and edit it to fit your needs - there are no rules here, just your own creative mind.

STAMINA is broken down into 6 "Elements" : Drums, Loops, Melodies, Breaks, Risers and SFX.


The Drums are made up of 16 Drum-Kit pieces. – Colour-coded orange on the Kontakt keyboard for easy glance, - Here you can use them to create your own beat, - Per each loadable Kit there are 2 kicks & 2 Snares, the rest are EFX and percussion. - our aim was to make the drums not just rhythmic but musical


Loops are colour-coded the same as the drums as they share sounds. - but these are pre-made loops that are ready to be BPM synced to your DAW. - Each loop kit is made up of the same drums as its equivalent kit name. – For example, Aggressive loop has the same sounds as Aggressive kit on the drums, so on and so forth. - These are a fun way to preview the Kit, or simply audition them against your own creations - there are 7 of them per each loadable Kit (in many different styles).


Melodies like the loops they are BPM ready to be synced to your DAW, you can preview the sounds per each kit, they are selected via KEY range to help you if you are zoning into something specific. - Each "melody" kit has multiple sounds, that are looped normally around a 4-bar pattern. You can mix and match them as you see fit - and then edit them in your DAW. You can add external effects, or reverse them, add tape stops, etc.


Breaks can be useful for several reasons. - either as straight up EFX for transitions, or simply to use after a build-up, before a drop, at the start of a song or at the end. - there are 4 kits of 4 sounds each. They are colour-coded GREEN


Risers are a fun way to introduce a new section or start of a song. - Whilst these are not BPM synced you can nudge them in your DAW to match the start transient of the new section. - there are 4 Kits with 4 Sounds each, in various styles. - They are colour-coded BLUE


EFX are a good way to add something extra to a track, be it an intro or a new section, especially if you the add your own effects on top (more on this later). There are 4 kits with 4 sounds in each. They are colour-coded PINK

Playback Modes

There are 3 Playback modes Loop, One-Shot & Latch.
Loop will allow you to continually play the loop, assuming that your finger is pressed on the key. – One-Shot will only play the sound once.
Latch mode will allow you to press the key once and will continually play the sound until you manually stop it.

Loading Kits

The drop-down box for each element will reveal each loadable Kit. - you can mix and match any together. Kits are instantly loaded so there is no "downtime".

FX Section

There is also an FX section with Limiter, Chorus, Saturation and Lo-Fi FX to help you manipulate your sounds as you wish.

STAMINA comes loaded with 1GB of material and 800 individual high-quality samples, so you are never short of raw material to play with.

All of the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original & royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees!


  • Kontakt files

Full version of Kontakt 6.5.0 required. Will not work on Kontakt Player except in demo mode.

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