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The Rock Foundry SDX features a staggering 65 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded by arguably the most notable, influential and sought-after engineer/producer of our time: Bob Rock.


  • Seven (7) individual kits plus alternative configurations
  • Recorded by Bob Rock at The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Ludwig, Ayotte, Gretsch, Dunnett, Yamaha among the brands covered
  • Six (6) hi-hats, six (6) ride cymbals, 15 crash cymbals
  • Mix presets by Bob Rock included
  • A basic selection of custom MIDI drum grooves included


Bob Rock’s engineering and producing credits stretch all the way back to the late ’70s and include some of the best selling acts in rock history: Survivor, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Mötley Crüe, Bryan Adams and many, many more. Needless to say, his expertise in phenomenally engineered and mixed drums and influence on the sound of hard rock and metal as we know it is monumental. We’re happy to present the first-ever sample library to bear his sonic seal.

The Rock Foundry SDX was recorded at Bob Rock’s choice studio; The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC, and designed to give you the most flexible selection of drums, ambiences and options possible giving an incredibly broad palette of raw material to use to craft drum mixes within the powerful framework of Superior Drummer 3

It’s configured as two individual SDXs, one ‘Main’ and one ‘Mono.’ The ‘Main’ features six kits captured with a traditional multiple microphone technology whereas the ‘Mono’ configuration was recorded using a minimal setup. In addition to the seven individual kits, a large selection of extra snares, kicks and cymbals are also provided.

If writing and performing a song is magic, the art of engineering and shaping sound is the alchemy that makes music transcend and become legendary. It’s how you position microphones right from the start, how you place drums in a room and how you ultimately process each individual piece to fit in a mix.

The latter part is left up to you. Should you rather go for Bob Rock’s drum mixes as a starting point, then, also included are a selection of presets engineered by the man himself!


System Requirements

  • 68 GB free hard disk space. 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or more recommended).
  • You will need to have Superior Drummer 3 installed to use this expansion pack.