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Six acoustic drum sets and a variety of drum machine sounds recorded by none other than the man who dominated 1980s music with his unique sound: Hugh Padgham.

If you listen to any radio station in the world for just 10 minutes, it's almost impossible not to hear at least one hit song produced by Hugh Padgham. Hugh is not only responsible for the massively successful hits and discographies of Phil Collins, Genesis, The Police and Sting, his sound can also be found on productions by artists such as Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, The Human League, Paul Young and Melissa Etheridge and to hear Paul McCartney. Not only is he responsible for the production of countless timeless classics, he has also created and defined the sound of an entire era through his work. The invention of the ingenious and timelessly characteristic gated reverb snare drum sound,

In this SDX, Hugh offers not only a full selection of acoustic and electronic drum sounds inspired by the music he produced in the 1980s and 90s, but also a focused selection of the instruments played by the fantastic drummers he played with in his career has worked. This is a total of 6 acoustic drum sets in large tom configurations and with many additional cymbals, snares/kicks as well as octobans and gong drums, but also a huge selection of classic drum machines and electronic drums of the time - all recorded in the excellent sounding rooms of the Londoners British Grove Studios.

But that's not all, all drum machines and Simmons drums were reamped via a PA in the recording room, i.e. significantly amplified for more power, assertiveness and low-end, and then recorded via exactly the same ambience microphone configuration that was also used for the acoustic drums was used. With this technology, all acoustic and electronic sounds can be freely exchanged, combined and further processed with the extensive sound design options of the Superior Drummer 3. Of course, there is also an extensive selection of Hugh Padgham's personally created mixer presets, in which he mixed his legendary sounds with the possibilities of the SDX library.

The SDX also includes an internal MIDI library designed and recorded by sampling drummer Norman Garschke, drawing close inspiration from the great original productions of Phil Collins, Genesis, The Police and Sting and their amazing drummers. In addition to countless songs/grooves/fills for all included acoustic drum kits, the MIDI library also contains a large selection of genre-authentic beats for the various included drum machines and Simmons drums. With the included MIDI material of over 700 individual grooves/fills, typical combinations of acoustic drums with electronic drum computer grooves can be easily, intuitively and creatively implemented for your own song ideas.

This SDX offers a complete and indispensable selection of arguably the greatest drum set sounds in combination with the sounds of the most important drum machines of the time - all carefully and with great attention to detail put together by inspiration from the 1980/90s, played and recorded by the man, who founded this sound and this sound aesthetic and made it successful with countless hits: Hugh Padgham.

Feature Spotlight

Sound library extension for Superior Drummer 3

  • Recorded and produced by producer/engineering legend Hugh Padgham (Phil Collins, Genesis, Sting, The Police, etc.), sampling/MIDI drummer Norman Garschke

  • Recorded at British Grove Studios, London/UK

  • Contains 6 complete drum sets and a large selection of additional snares, bass drums, cymbals, octobans, gong drum

  • Contains well over 400 sounds of classic drum machines as well as a sampled Simmons SDS-V (TR-707, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, Linn LM-2, E-MU SP-1200, Oberheim DX, Wendel Jr, Simmons Claptrap)

  • 11 bass drums, 11 snare drums, 4 hi-hats, 10 crash cymbals, 6 splash cymbals, 3 china cymbals, 1 bell cymbal, 23 rack toms, 10 floor toms, 4 octobans, 1 gong drum

  • Includes tons of mix-ready presets personally created by Hugh Padgham, inspired by many of his hit songs

  • Recorded with 5 additional room microphones for perfect playback in stereo or up to 5.1 surround systems

  • Recorded with the original/actual Ball & Biscuit mic used to create the legendary gated reverb snare drum sound on Phil Collin's "In the air tonight".

  • Recorded on tape machines and up to 4 different British Grove Studios consoles prior to actual digitization

  • Contains a very large selection of individually recorded genre-typical 1980s/90s MIDI drum grooves/fills (500+ files) in the style of legendary Hugh Padgham album productions - conceived and recorded by studio drummer Norman Garschke

  • Includes a wide range of authentic drum machine beats for all included sampled machines based on Hugh Padgham's greatest hits

  • Download approx. 94GB (compressed with Toontrack's own TCP algorithm)

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