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A true homage to classic rock, Toontrack's Legacy of Rock SDX for Superior Drummer 3 zones in on the formative years of legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer - the man behind music icons such as Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

From the buzzing sixties London scene through to the seventies, Eddie Kramer's Legacy of Rock SDX includes five drum kits, each sourced and tailored to mirror a significant era or sound in Kramer’s remarkable career. All drums were recorded in Kramer’s studio of choice – Studio 1 at AIR in London, and captured through signal chains of vintage microphones as well as handpicked, rare and custom equipment scouted specifically for these sessions.

Welcome to a bona fide treasure chest of drum sounds – ready for you to hone, mold and shape to make your own dent in rock history.


Not many can say that they were there when it happened. Eddie Kramer has been right smack centre of it as it happened, making it happen and shaping its very essence with his bare hands for five decades and counting. We’re talking about rock – the sound of rock and the deafening impact the craft of engineering, producing and mixing it right has on how it ends up echoing through history. Meet audio visionary Eddie Kramer, the uncrowned king who shaped the sound of the legends that became immortal icons of rock and who in the process became a royalty of rock himself. This is his collection of drums and a true homage to classic rock as we know it.

These drums rock. Take it from the man who only in the first two decades of his career managed to work with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, record the entire Jimi Hendrix catalog, capture several of Led Zeppelin’s most pioneering albums and man the board as the original Woodstock festival was caught on tape. 


  • Recorded by legendary producer/engineer/mixer Eddie Kramer in Studio 1 at AIR in London, UK.
  • Five full kits, all tailored after a significant era or sound in Eddie Kramer’s career.
  • Three extra kicks, six snares and wide variety of cymbals
  • Includes two timpani and 36′′ and 60′′ gongs
  • Select kits include brushes, mallets and hand/finger samples
  • Recorded with an additional five room microphones for playback in stereo or up to 5.1 systems.
  • Custom presets engineered by Eddie Kramer
  • Includes a selection of drum MIDI inspired by classic songs from Eddie’s discography.

To inspire and enable you to make music immediately, the Legacy of Rock SDX includes a broad range of mix-ready presets for all kits, tools and configurations.

Eddie Kramer's Presets

Eddie’s selection of presets were engineered in Studio 1 at AIR and feature his very own take on mixes for each different kit as well as several of the included configurations.

Toontrack In-House Presets

These presets were created by Toontrack’s sound design team as serve as our very own homage to classic rock and Eddie’s illustrious discography.

Kit Presets

In addition to the mix presets, there are kit presets available that enable you to quickly access and audition an unmixed state of all the different kits and configurations included.



Just like the drum sounds, the main portion of the MIDI circles in on the era of Eddie’s career that stretches from the full-on rock years of the sixties through the seventies. Inspired by the like of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, this MIDI will take you through thunderous onslaught of classic rock, the jazz-inspired psychedelic grooves to the straight-on pounding and in-your-face rock beats.

The MIDI library also features a collection of grooves and patterns specifically designed for use with the brushes, mallets, timpani and gong as well as the hand and finger sounds included. In addition, all of the MIDI was recorded exclusively using the SDX sounds and all of its articulations, giving you a vivid display of all its rich detail in the context of different fitting performances. 


System Requirements 

  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is required to use this expansion.
  • 64-bit Windows 7 or newer, 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM or more recommended).
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, 64-bit Intel-based Mac with 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM or more