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A detailed sample of the Bechstein D-280 grand piano

With the Bechstein D-280, East West presents a high-quality recorded grand piano. Vintage Neumann microphones, a Meitner AD converter and a vintage 8078 Neve console were used to record to this library. The library offers 8 articulations, the PLAY Engine's convolution reverb and three microphone positions.

Detailed description in English:

The Bechstein 280 is a modern 9-foot, German concert grand piano, built in 2006. This is a very precise, technical piano that creates a fantastic classical sound, particularly for more demanding works. It can also produce a really unique, big, pop / rock piano sound. The Platinum Edition allows users to purchase a single license for one Piano from the East West QL Pianos.

Key features:

  • 24-bit samples

  • 3 positions are included per piano for maximum flexibility

  • 10-18 velocities per note of sustain and sustain with pedal

  • 8-12 velocities per note of repetitions and repetitions with pedal

  • 5-8 velocities of soft pedal and soft pedal with sustain pedal

  • 16 velocity staccato on every piano

  • Recorded in a proper piano environment with vintage Neumann microphones, Meitner AD converters and a vintage 8078 Neve console

  • PLAY interface includes impulses from the same hall the producers used to record Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs so the pianos can blend with those collections.

The QL Pianos were produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the same production team that produced the multi-award winning EastWest QL Symphonic Orchestra and EastWest QL Symphonic Choirs. With the original library, all 4 pianos were included.

Download Size: 71 GB

System requirement

This software includes "PLAY" as a sample player


  • macOS 10.7 or higher
  • Intel dual core i5
  • 2.7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 8GB (16GB recommended)
  • Hard disk 7200 RPM or faster (SSD recommended)


  • Windows 7-10
  • Intel Dual-Core i5 (Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Quad Core recommended)
  • 2.7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 8GB (16GB recommended)
  • Hard disk 7200 RPM or faster (SSD recommended)

All systems

  • A free iLok account on www.ilok.com is required and an Internet connection on any computer for product activation and a free user account on www.soundsonline.com to manage the ilok licenses
  • Free hard disk space according to the library size
  • DVD drive or fast internet connection for downloading
  • Please also note the current system recommendations of the manufacturer


- 32-bit standalone and plug-in versions included (up to PLAY 4 only!).
- 64-bit PC VST (host must support 64-bit VST plugins) and standalone versions included.
- Check the following compatibility chart for availability of other 64-bit versions and updates.


- WIN: VST ™, ASIO ™, DirectSound ™, RTAS, AAX
- MAC: VST ™, Audio Units ™, Core Audio ™, RTAS, AAX

This product requires activation!
This can either be done on your computer (without additional hardware) or alternatively on an iLok USB dongle, which can be purchased separately . The iLok USB dongle can be plugged into any computer in order to use the protected software on several computers. Your licenses can be managed in any way using the iLok License Manager and protected against loss or theft with additional insurance ( zero downtime with TLC ).

To activate the product, you need an internet connection on any computer and a free user account at www.ilok.com.

Please check with the software manufacturer which iLok version is at least required if you want to use a hardware iLok!