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Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator uses instruments from all 5 parts of the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series and is not a standalone product.  It requires either perpetual product licenses for each of the libraries, a Fantasy Orchestrator bundle license, or a ComposerCloud+ subscription license. Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is a separate product from the Hollywood Orchestrator product. They share many features, but only work with their respective library collections. 


Create music in the style of Hollywood’s greatest fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks in seconds by playing a few simple chords with one hand and shaping expression with the other. Developed in collaboration with Sonuscore, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator features hundreds of customizable presets built with the world instruments from the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series and allows you to create real-time arrangements based on your MIDI input with an Innovative Scoring Engine. 


With hundreds of customizable presets, you can instantly create music in the style of Hollywood's greatest fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks. While these presets were made with the fantasy genre in mind, they can easily be used across the genre spectrum, including action, suspense, and historical dramas. Presets are organized into 4 categories, described below:

  • Ensemble allows you to quickly create rich orchestral arrangements with presets that combine instruments into various strings, brass, winds, percussion, choral and full orchestra ensembles. For instance, loading the ‘Strings and Brass - Legato’ preset in the Strings and Brass Long sub-category will instantly load a string and brass ensemble consisting of 3 Flugelhorns, 3 Alpenhorns, 3 Wagner Tubas, 6 Low Brass, 3 Hardanger Fiddles, High Octave Strings, 3 Viola Da Gambas, and Low Octave Strings. 
  • Ostinato enables you to build rhythmic tension in different meters or create moving melodic lines by only changing a few notes. Start by exploring the sub-categories that contain different note durations (quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, etc.), then choose from one of the many preset variations, including those in different time signatures (3/4, 5/4, 7/8, and more). 
  • Score brings classic Hollywood fantasy orchestrations to life, bringing an endless source of inspiration to your compositions. Choose between a wide selection of themes in the sub-categories, each with lots of different variations, including alternative time signatures. 
  • User is where your own presets can be stored by modifying existing presets or by building your own ensembles from scratch! 


Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator adds an additional Voices instrument section alongside the existing instrument sections to give you a total of 5 sections to create complex orchestrations: strings, brass, winds, percussion, and voices. Put the power of singer Merethe Soltvedt’s majestic voice at your fingertips and add a full men and women’s choir to provide a rich, ethereal palette that perfectly underscores the most powerful moments of your fantasy scores.  


At the heart of Hollywood Orchestrator is an innovative Scoring Engine, which produces everything from basic string arrangements to very complex orchestrations played by the full Fantasy Orchestra. This is where you can create new presets or alter any existing preset by changing the melodic pattern in each step sequencer or by completely switching the instruments and voicings of that preset. 


In the Mixer section, refine the final output of each instrument by adjusting the volume, pan, equalization, reverb preset, reverb send amounts, and other reverb controls like pre-delay, length, and filters. 

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is the perfect tool both for new composers who want to get that magical fantasy sound quickly and effortlessly, and for professional composers who need to produce large amounts of compositions on a deadline. With its unique set of world instruments and ensembles that have been featured in the biggest movies and games in history, the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra collection is brought to life with our innovative Orchestrator scoring engine, allowing you to create music in the style of Hollywood's greatest fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks.


TOTAL presets (474)

 ENSEMBLE includes 168 presets spread across 16 categories: 

  • Brass Long
  • Brass Short
  • Choir Long
  • Full Orchestra and Choir Long
  • Full Orchestra Long
  • Full Orchestra Short
  • Strings and Brass Long
  • Strings and Brass Short
  • Strings and Choir
  • Strings and Winds
  • Strings Long
  • Strings Short
  • Winds Long
  • Winds and Brass Long
  • Winds and Brass Short
  • Winds Short

OSTINATOS contain 120 presets spread across 10 categories:

  • 16th Notes (~ 105 bpm)
  • 16th Notes Soft (~ 105 bpm)
  • Eight Notes (~ 125 bpm)
  • Eight Notes Soft (~ 125 bpm)
  • Half Notes (~ 144 bpm)
  • Half Notes Soft (~ 144 bpm)
  • Quarter Notes (~ 144 bpm)
  • Quarter Notes Soft (~ 144 bpm)
  • Triplets (~ 132 bpm)
  • Triplets Soft (~ 132 bpm)

SCORES include 186 presets spread across 31 categories:

  • An Old Promise (~ 125 bpm)
  • Ancient Myth (~ 125 bpm)
  • Barbarossa (~ 125 bpm)
  • Blood and Sands (~ 125 bpm)
  • Campfire (~ 90 bpm)
  • Dark Rider (~ 120 bpm)
  • Dayking (~ 130 bpm)
  • Dwarven Secrets (~ 130 bpm)
  • Elven Legend (~ 115 bpm)
  • Fortress (~ 145 bpm)
  • Guardians of Stone (~ 130 bpm)
  • Harfoot (~ 80 bpm)
  • In the Midst of Battle (~ 135 bpm)
  • Journey (~ 120 bpm)
  • Marching Iron (~ 180 bpm)
  • Nightfall (~ 110 bpm)
  • Old Empire (~ 120 bpm)
  • Out of Bounds (~ 125 bpm)
  • Prepare for Battle (~ 120 bpm)
  • Savages (~ 130 bpm)
  • Secrets Below (~ 115 bpm)
  • Secrets of the Forest (~ 130 bpm)
  • Skirmish (~ 170 bpm)
  • Sword Against Sword (~ 125 bpm)
  • Tale of Mystery (~ 120 bpm)
  • The Horsemen (~ 110 bpm)
  • The Iron Gate (~ 115 bpm)
  • The Mountain River (~ 130 bpm)
  • The Rightful Heir (~ 115 bpm)
  • The Root of Evil (~ 110 bpm)
  • Warkings (~ 150 bpm)
System Requirements

This library includes "Opus" as a Sample-Player.


  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • ASIO sound driver
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)
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