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Gem EQ84 - Discrete Class A British EQ

Overloud's EQ84 is a simulation of one of the most renowned Discrete Class A British EQs, used in countless hits from the '70s to today. All of the components from the original circuit were modeled, including the rich harmonics and saturations that naturally occur when the equalizer is operating.

The EQ84 features:

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of the original unit thanks to Overloud's 4th generation DSP technology
  • Simulation of all transformers in the original unit
  • Mic/Line preamp simulation
  • 6 band EQ: 2 shelving, 2 peaking, 1 high cut, 1 low cut
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1,500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina
  • Multilevel undo-redo
  • A/B Comparison
  • Presets designed during real mixing sessions

EQ84 extends the features of the original hardware, merging the flexibility of the digital world with the original, unique character of analog processing.

Band Cue —The Cue button allows the user to hear the part of the frequency spectrum that is being affected by that band.

Continuous Frequency Selection —While the original hardware only has preset frequencies, EQ84 allows the user to select all of the intermediate frequencies.

Additional Mid Band —The original hardware has only one Mid band, but Overloud adds a second Mid band for increased flexibility.


EQ84 emulates one of the most desired EQ modules in the history of recording and mixing. Its warm, fat, and rich sound, with an incredibly detailed midrange, still excites even the most experienced engineers who mix with it.

EQ84 includes the simulation of both the Line and Mic preamplifiers. This section can be pushed in order to enrich the sound with its characteristic musical saturation.

EQ84 exactly reproduces the original frequency response even in the highest-end of the spectrum, near the Nyquist frequency, the point where most digital simulations fail. Thanks to its proprietary DSP technology, Overloud has been able to achieve this result with no phase distortion and without oversampling.

System Requirements

Apple System Compatibility
AudioUnits, VST, VST3, AAX32 (ProTools 10.3.5 and above), AAX64 (ProTools 10, 11, 12), as well as a standalone application.
Both 32bit and 64bit are natively supported.
You may authorize up to three computers that you own (no hardware key needed).

Apple System Requirements
Macintosh® Intel® Core Duo™ 1.6GHz with 2Gb of RAM, 1280x800 video.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above are supported.

Windows System Compatibility
Available as VST, VST3, AAX32 (ProTools 10.3.5 and above), AAX64 (ProTools 11 and 12) plugins, as well as a standalone application.
32bit and 64bit are natively supported.
You may authorize up to three computers that you own (no hardware key needed).

Windows System Requirements
Intel Core i3 1.4GHz with 4Gb of RAM, 1280x800 video. 
Windows® Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported.