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Drums for tight, edgy and beat-oriented styles of music

Recorded in both Sunset Sound Studio III's main room and Studio III's famed booth, this EZX also features an exquisite handpicked selection of drums from session drum tech legend Ross Garfield's collection, personally tuned and edited by him - these Drum sounds are particularly warm, soft and round, were sampled with sticks, hot rods and brushes and are perfect for somewhat more individual tight, edgy and beat-oriented music styles.

In addition, the EZX includes a large selection of fantastic sounding percussions. These are very special, special and also rather unusual sounding sounds from some very rare drum kits, recorded in extremely great detail in the studio rooms of many legendary album productions by Prince, Beck, Fleetwood Mac and many others.

  • Recorded in Studio III at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles/USA
  • 2 sampled rooms/interfaces: Main Room and Booth
  • Recorded by the EZdrummer 3 Core-Library Team as a natural/logical extension/addition to the EZD3 Core-Library
  • 4 very rare and unique session drum sets from the LA studio scene
  • 10 different kit configurations
  • 6 kick drums, 9 snare drums, 11 toms, 3 hi-hats, 3 rides, 6 crashes
  • 1 additional drumset/cymbal set each, complete with hotrods, brushes and snare wires off • Contains a large percussion library with various tambourines, cowbells, shakers, maracas, castagnets, claves, claps and snaps
  • Over 40 mix-ready mixer presets with many different effects for a wide variety of sounds created by Michael Ilbert
  • Contains a huge selection of 350+ MIDI grooves/fills specially recorded for each included drum set by sampling drummer Norman Garschke (also EZD3 core library)
  • Download approx. 9.5GB (compressed with Toontrack's own TCP algorithm)
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