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Heavy drums suitable for classic rock and modern metal music

Released as part of their annual Metal Month celebrations, Toontrack's Rock Solid EZX features a collection of modern drums perfectly suited for anything from classic rock to modern metal.

This expansion pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer is as every bit powerful and in your face as its name suggests with three complete kits, extra snares, bass drums and a large collection of cymbals. When you hear the almost unreal sonic qualities in this recording, you will know why it's no understatement to say that these drums add a new dimension to the word heavy.

The Rock Solid EZX was recorded at the renowned Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada by one of the most prolific engineers of the last two decades, Randy Staub. Randy, who has also produced an EZmix 2 preset pack for Toontrack, has worked with numerous A-list clients over the past 20 or so years, mixed groundbreaking works like Metallica's "Black Album", Mötley Crüe's "Dr Feelgood" and honed the sound for artists like Nickelback, Bon Jovi and Alice in Chains.


  • Three complete kits, a large collection of cymbals, extra snares & kicks
  • Recorded at the Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Engineered by Randy Staub (Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Nickelback)
  • Sampled by Ryan Vikedal (ex-Nickelback)
  • Included MIDI library
  • Requires EZdrummer or Superior Drummer software

Instruments include:


  • Ayotte Custom 18x22", fitted with Powerstroke 3 Clear (batter) and Powerstroke 3 Ebony Resonant (front)
  • Ayotte Custom 18x24", fitted with Clear Powerstroke 3 (batter) and Ebony Ambassador (front)
  • Gretsch USA Custom 18x22", fitted with Clear Powerstroke 3 (batter) and Powerstroke 3 Ebony (front)
  • Ludwig 1960s 14x20", fitted with Powerstroke 3 Clear (batter), no front head


  • Ayotte Keplinger 6.5x14", fitted with Coated CS Black Dot (batter) and Hazy Ambassador (bottom)
  • Ayotte Custom 4x13 Maple, fitted with Coated Emperor (batter) and Ambassador (bottom)
  • Gretsch USA Custom 5x14", fitted with Coated Black CS Dot (batter) and Hazy Ambassador (bottom)
  • Ludwig Black Magic 8x14", fitted with two Coated CS Black Dot (batter) and Hazy Ambassador (bottom)
  • Jeff Ocheltree Spirit of 2002, 5.5x14", fitted with CS Clear Dot (batter) and Ambassador (bottom)


  • Ayotte Custom: 8x12", 9x13", 16x16", 16x18". All fitted with Emperor Clear (batter) and Ambassador Clear (bottom)
  • Gretsch USA Custom: 7x10", 8x12", 14x14", 16x16". All fitted with Emperor Clear (batter) and Ambassador Clear (bottom)
  • Dunnett Titanium: 8x12", 16x16". Both fitted with Coated Emperor (batter) and Coated Ambassador (bottom)

Hi Hats:

  • Zildjian New Beat 14"
  • Zildjian Mastersound 15" (top)/ New Beat 15" (bottom)


  • Zildjian A Custom 19"
  • Zildjian A Custom 18"
  • Zildjian K Dark Crash 18"
  • Zildjian Medium Crash 20"


  • Zildjian K Constantinople 22"
  • Zildjian Avedis 22"


  • Zildjian Oriental China Trash 14" / Zildjian K Medium Dark Crash 18"
  • Zildjian K Splash 10"
  • Zildjian K China 17"
  • Zildjian China High 16"

System Requirements

  • EZdrummer verion 1.3 or above, or Superior Drummer 2.3 or above.
  • 1 GB free disc space
  • 512 MB RAM