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"Dramatic, natural and downright cinematic."

For Birgir Jón Birgisson and Arnar Gíslason, engineer and drummer of this new EZX library, these are the most accurate and best descriptions of the musical genre post-rock.

There is probably no better place to capture these very special atmospheres than the Sundlaugin Studios in Iceland. A perfect backdrop for music with the same deep natural power, energy and drama. This is probably the most extensive collection of post-rock drums at the moment - 4 drum sets made for everything from very quiet, subtle and open sounds to explosively aggressive eruptions and crescendos.

Here the music of bands like Sólstafir, Jon Hopkins, Spiritualized and of course numerous of Sigur Rós' own albums was recorded with the most exquisite selection of microphones, pre-amps and outboard. In addition to the 4 complete drum sets traditionally sampled with sticks, this library also offers brushes and felt mallets as an option, as well as a large selection of additional snares, great cymbals and unusual percussion instruments.

The Post-Rock EZX, in combination with the extensive sound design options of EZdrummer 2, offers you a unique creative selection of great sounds with which you can implement your percussive ideas. An exceptional collection of highly individual drums that will penetrate and define your mix. Drums of the highest quality - perfect for post-rock and all related modern pop/rock music styles.


  • Recorded at Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 4 complete drum sets sampled with sticks (Rogers, Tama, Yamaha and Sakae)
  • 1 complete drum set sampled with brushes, felt mallets and "snares off" (sakae)
  • 11 mix presets for EZdrummer 2 created by Birgir Jón Birgisson for a wide range of different styles and moods
  • 6 additional unusual percussion instruments
  • Contains a selection of MIDI grooves performed by Arnar Gíslason


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