Toontrack EZX Post Metal


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Dark, massive and huge drum sounds - perfectly suited for the perfect post-metal sound.

The Ocean Sound Studio is enthroned on a rock on the island of Giske in Norway - right on the edge of the unreal panorama of the rough North Sea, surrounded by mountains that rise like silent giants in the night sky lit by the northern lights. In this mystical environment, the Ocean Sound Studio proves to be an inspiring place for recording post-metal drum sounds.

This EZX extension for EZdrummer 3 offers a great selection of dark, massive and mercilessly large drum sounds - perfectly suited for the typically atmospheric and slow post-metal sound. Four different drum kits, two of which are also without snare wires, a large selection of individual instruments and dark, large cymbals - all of this was sampled by Cult of Luna drummer Thomas Hedlund. This band is a true pioneer of today's post-metal scene.

All drum kits combine great dynamics with raw metal power, recorded on the edge of the world, a place where the forces of nature rule. Of course, in addition to the drum sounds, there are also indispensable MIDI grooves and useful mixer presets for the production of truly epic post-metal songs and your own songwriting.

Feature Spotlight
  • Recorded at Ocean Sound Studio in Norway
  • Massive, dark, earthy and mercilessly full drum sounds inspired by the post-metal genre
  • 4 complete drum sets, selected for maximum flexibility and variety of sounds
  • 2 complete drum sets sampled with loosened snare wires, as well as many additional bass drums, snares and cymbals
  • Sampled by Thomas Hedlund (Cult of Luna)
  • Numerous custom mixer presets for a wide range of sound processing in the mixer
  • Contains its own MIDI library with genre-typical grooves/fills for all drum sets
System Requirements

To use this product you need an installed and activated version of EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer.

Product activation:
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