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Pop! EZX - The Songwriters drum palette

Over the past 10 years and beyond, Toontrack has made it its mission to record a wide variety of drum sets in some of the best recording studios in the world with a selection of the most renowned engineers and prominent drummers, using only the highest quality and often very rare recording equipment.

The new POP! EZX contains drum sounds that were recorded in such legendary studios as New York's Hit Factory, 2Khz Studio (London) or in Nashville's absolute top recording studio Blackbird. This EZX is the result of years of recording work and Toontrack's tireless efforts to create the perfect drum sound.

A Toontrack EZ Drummer or Superior 2.0 is required to use the EZX Expansions!

The brand new Pop! EZX offers a selection of a total of 10 different drum sets, which are coordinated down to the last detail and have all been carefully expanded to include individual percussion instruments. The result is an ultimate and impressive collection that delivers the perfect sounds for all styles from rock to pop to dance music. A true melting pot for everything good and essential drum and percussion sounds, condensed and brought together in a perfect blend of organic, unique and edgy sounds for all tracks that can be described as "popular music".

All drum sounds were handpicked and remixed by Toontrack founder and head of sound design Mattias Eklund and all come from either previously unreleased recordings or from the inexhaustible wealth of the closely guarded Toontrack sound vault.


  • 10 preset drum kits
  • 10 kick drums
  • 10 snare drums
  • 5 hi-hats
  • 5 cymbal sets
  • 5 sets of toms
  • Selected percussion like shakers, tambourine, cabasa, maracas, handclaps, snaps, cowbell, claves and bells
  • mixer presets
  • Extensive MIDI library integrated


To use this product you need an installed and activated version of EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer.

Product activation:
You need an internet connection to authorize / activate the product.