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50 custom presets for pure metal mix magic.

This EZmix pack for EZmix 2 was designed to bring you a collection of 50 go-to signal chain presets for the most fundamental building blocks in a metal track: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, mastering and more.

Need a drum bus, a secondary ambience or a quick-fix for your rattling snare? Got you. Good to go with your bass tone but just need a boost in the low end? A mouse-click away. Want a collection of guitar and bass tones, vocal settings or mastering presets tweaked for metal perfection at arm’s reach? It’s there too. You get the point: if you’re tired of juggling effects, tweaking things to bits and having your creative flow getting lost in the process, this is your new go-to source for relief.

Welcome to an EZmix pack of pure metal mix magic.

  • A total of 50 presets involving complex signal chains of effects
  • For the most fundamental instruments and hurdles in a metal mix
  • Presets designed to work for a variety of metal styles and genres
  • Drum buses, overheads, ambiences, rhythm, lead and clean guitar tones and more
  • Presets for lead vocals and vocal effects
  • Mastering settings
The Presets

Name Instrument Type
Master Bus 1 Any Master
Master Bus 2 Any Master
Master Bus 3 Any Master
Bass Driver Bass Amplifier
Bass High Bass Amplifier
Bass Low Bass Amplifier
Fuzzed Bass Bass Amplifier
Punchy Bass Bass Amplifier
Tractor Bass Bass Amplifier
Tube Clean Bass Amplifier
Backing Vocals Choir Insert
OH Cymbals Insert
Ambience Bus 1 Drums Insert
Ambience Bus 2 Drums Insert
Drum Bus 1 Drums Group Bus
Drum Bus 2 Drums Group Bus
Drum Bus 3 Drums Group Bus
Drum Plate Verb Drums Aux
Drum Room Verb Drums Aux
51 Bright Guitar Electric Amplifier
51 Dark Guitar Electric Amplifier
AC Clean Guitar Electric Amplifier
British Chug Guitar Electric Amplifier
British Crunch Guitar Electric Amplifier
Clean Tremolo Guitar Electric Amplifier
Crunchy Guitar Electric Amplifier
Guitar Bus 1 Guitar Electric Group Bus
Guitar Bus 2 Guitar Electric Group Bus
Lead Guitar 1 Guitar Electric Amplifier
Lead Guitar 2 Guitar Electric Amplifier
Marsh 9 Guitar Electric Amplifier
Power Riff Guitar Electric Amplifier
Recto 1 Guitar Electric Amplifier
Recto 2 Guitar Electric Amplifier
Super Clean Guitar Electric Amplifier
US Caliber Guitar Electric Amplifier
Kick In 1 Kick Insert
Kick In 2 Kick Insert
Kick Out Kick Insert
Keys Bus Piano Group Bus
Ringy Snare Snare Insert
Short Snare Snare Insert
Snare Bottom Snare Insert
Retro Strings Strings Insert
Toms 1 Tom Insert
Toms 2 Tom Insert
Bright Lead with FX Vocals Insert
Dry Lead Vocals Insert
Telephone Vocals Vocals Insert
Vocal Room Delay Vocals Aux


System Requirements

This Expansion requires a working copy of EZ Mix 2 (Version 2.2.3) to operate