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50 settings based on impulse responses (IRs) of real locations, reverb hardware and stomp boxes.

The Rooms & Verbs EZmix Pack includes 50 settings based on impulse responses (IRs) of real locations, reverb hardware and stomp boxes. The technology of impulse responses means that a pre-recorded sonic impulse, such as a full-frequency sweep or loud one-shot is used and then captured on location. From there, an advanced series of algorithms calculates the difference between the source and the output file. The information left determines the size and characteristics of the room, resulting in a natural reverb. Yes, it may seem tedious and overly complicated – but listen and you’ll understand why.

This collection has anything from church-like halls, dense theaters and loud, concrete-lined shelters to the tight confines of the inside of a car. So, if you need a room, this EZmix Pack has it. Stop imagining – place your instrument in a real environment. Your mix will thank you.


  • 50 EZmix 2 settings for room and reverb saturation
  • Impulse responses (IRs) of real rooms, reverb hardware and stomp boxes
  • Works on any audio source


If you ask a group of mix engineers what they would keep if they were forced to strip their rigs down to a minimum, a solid source for ambience would likely be at the top of most people’s lists. Reverb is a key ingredient in any great mix, regardless if it’s an epic ballad or a thunderous metal track. It adds that subtle air, breathing room and has the power to elevate even the most mundane of material. Try it – mute all your ambience sources in a mix and you’ll see. With that in mind, getting real rooms and reverbs takes it to a whole new level.

Presets based on impulse responses include:

  • 140 Plate          
  • 140 Plate Dampened          
  • Ambience EQ          
  • Basement Chamber          
  • Boathouse          
  • Chamber PD          
  • Cinema Lobby          
  • Concert Row 14          
  • Echo Church          
  • Empty Stage          
  • Hotel Room          
  • Lex Brick Wall          
  • Lex Jazz Hall          
  • Lex Ricochet          
  • Mid Room          
  • Mono Ambience 1          
  • Mono Ambience 2          
  • PCM Brass Plate          
  • PCM Concert Wave          
  • PCM Medium Room          
  • PCM Ski Jump          
  • PCM Tiled Room          
  • Room and Plate          
  • Small Venue          
  • Station Wagon Front Seat          
  • Stereo Ambience PD          
  • Stone Chapel          
  • Studio A          
  • Studio B          
  • Studio B Corner          
  • Theater Front Row          
  • Theater Lobby          
  • Theater Row 12          
  • Tour Van          
  • Tracking Room PD          
  • Upstairs Living Room          
  • Drum OH         
  • Mellow Drum Room         
  • PCM Unlin
  • Storage Closet         
  • Guitar Booth         
  • Lex Guitar Plate         
  • Springs         
  • Stage Guitar         
  • Piano Bar         
  • PCM Snare Chamber         
  • Snare Chamber Plate         
  • Lex Vocal Plate         
  • PCM Vox Plate         
  • Vocal Plate PD

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