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50 custom-made signal chain presets for different mastering needs

After the massive success of the Toontrack Mastering EZmix pack and by popular demand, here is a second collection of settings completely devoted to mastering. Just like the first volume, Mastering II EZmix Pack was designed by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors, senior engineer at the leading mastering studio in Scandinavia, Cutting Room.

Equipped with an expanded selection of back-end effects to work with, he has crafted a comprehensive batch of one-click signal chains to complement the first pack. Mastering II EZmix Pack tackles new obstacles to overcome, new styles, genres and paints an overall broader scope to the EZmix Line and the content geared specifically towards mastering.

Your music deserves to sound great. Start mastering – it's EZ!


  • Continues where the Mastering EZmix Pack left off
  • 50 custom-made signal chain presets
  • Content for different styles, genres and mastering needs
  • Designed by mastering engineer Mats "Limpan" Lindfors

Effect chain presets include:

  • Airy Ambience         
  • Airy Ambience with Limiter         
  • Bad Mix Fix         
  • Basic Airy Master         
  • Basic EQ with Room
  • Basic Master         
  • Bright and Cozy         
  • Fat and Airy         
  • Heavy Hi-Fi         
  • High Vocals Low Drums     
  • High Vocals Low Drums Reverb         
  • Master Compressor         
  • Master Cruncher         
  • Master Limiter         
  • Master Parallel Compression 1         
  • Master Parallel Compression 2         
  • Master Reverb         
  • Master Tape Simulation         
  • Master Widener         
  • Metal Masher 1
  • Metal Masher 2         
  • Metal Master         
  • Metal Power         
  • Metal Super Wide         
  • Mid Crunch         
  • Mid Crunch Widener     
  • Mud Remover     
  • Overcompressed Pop         
  • Parallel Hip Hop Dance         
  • Parallel Pop Compression         
  • Pre Master Bright Snare Punch         
  • Pre Master Fuzzy Stereo Fix     
  • Pre Master Kick Fix
  • Pre Master Mid Fix 1         
  • Pre Master Mid Fix 2         
  • Pre Master Tight Stereo Guitars         
  • Rock & Roll         
  • Snare Puncher         
  • Sub Bass Power     
  • Ups & Downs         
  • Ups & Downs, Tight & Wide         
  • Ups & Downs, Wide         
  • Very Thin Mix Savior         
  • Vinyl Boost Limiter         
  • Vinyl Boost Room         
  • Vinyl Dynamic Boost         
  • Vinyl Master         
  • Vinyl Tape Master         
  • Warmer

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