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50 settings to make your mixes sound warmer and more defined.

Add warmth and definition to your masters with the Toontrack Compression and Saturation EZmix preset pack.

Leaving sound ideals aside, balance and definition are arguably the two things that make or break a mix. For this, compression is vital. But one can’t merely slap a random compressor setting on the mix bus and call it a day – it takes more audio surgery than that. Each instrument and component needs its individual treatment.

The same thing goes for another universal battle that mix engineers seem to continually be struggling within the modern world of “in the box” mixing: warmth and analogue feel. This subtle art involving tube and tape distortion, various forms of EQ and compression is often what adds that final “glue” and shimmer that makes a mix come together.

This collection of EZmix presets takes a broad approach and delivers 50 unique chains of effects all designed to add nuance, definition and control to any instrument or element in a mix. Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, master bus and mix bus settings – you name it.

My idea was to make the most diverse and ‘all-round’ 50 presets I could come up with based on various chains of effects adding warmth, distortion and compression. If you single out just one preset, the A/B may be subtle on some, but using these presets in every facet of the mix stage will make a huge difference in the end,” commented Mattias Eklund, the creative mind behind the Compression & Saturation EZmix Pack.


  • 50 signal chain presets for adding warmth, saturation and analogue tube and tape feel 
  • Works on any audio source
  • Effects range from various types of distortion and EQs to compressors, limiters as well as tube and tape saturation

System Requirements

  • Requires the Toontrack EZmix 2 effects plug-in