Organ MIDI for EZkeys inspired by classic and contemporary gospel music


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Organ MIDI for EZkeys inspired by classic and contemporary gospel music

When the Hammond was introduced to churches as an affordable option to the classic pipe organ, little did the founding company know of the fact that it would come to fundamentally transform gospel music to the core. Needless to say, today the inimitable sound and unique expression of this iconic instrument is synonymous with gospel, whether it be for service, traditional music or the many modern and genre- transcending iterations that are topping the charts today.

Taking into account all the added expression and rotary control features that are essential in a Hammond* performance, this EZkeys MIDI pack was primarily designed for use with the Session Organ EKX for EZkeys 2. With all this embedded in the MIDI files as performed by the player, expect a curated collection of organic- and genuine- sounding song building blocks that you can modify, customize and tweak using the extensive framework of features in EZkeys 2.

If you’re looking to add organ to your gospel songs or need starting points for ideas that span anything from the traditional and the hymn-like to the upbeat and the contemporary, here you go!!

Key features:

  • Organ MIDI inspired by traditional and contemporary gospel music

  • Includes 200 individual files performed by a professional session player

  • Covering 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and 6/8 playing variations in straight and/or swing feel with

  • tempos ranging from 72 BPM to 142 BPM

  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

Note: This MIDI pack is optimized for use with the Session Organ EKX. Results may vary if used with other EZkeys sound libraries.

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