Zero G Enigma Sound Design and Vocals
Zero G


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Zero-G Enigma is a revolutionary 6-voice sound creation instrument for Mac OSX and WIndows PC that is designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures. It is an instrument of extraordinary power and originality.

Enigma comes equipped 7GB of compressed 24bit wav files and over 250 presets ranging from atmospheres, pads, textures, and drones to basses and leads to SFX, noises, hits, and stabs. Enigma has been designed to meet the needs of professional film, video, and game score composers as well as many genres of music production. 

At the heart of Enigma is the XY pad.  The four corners of the XY pad represent the four main voices of the currently loaded patch. You can move the cursor to any position inside the yellow cube to create movement between these four voices, from the super-subtle to the ultra-extreme. You can also you record your own cursor movement pattern to create amazingly complex and evolving sounds.

There is also a randomise function that will randomise all the sounds in the patch to give you a brand-new patch which you can then edit to your liking. This function is great for giving you inspiration and for creating your own unique sounds. 

The Enigma Editor Window gives you a whole host of functions to enable you to adapt a sound to your liking. This allows you to modulate and experiment with sound design to your heart’s content! In the Editor Window you will find 2 Filters and their respective LFOs; a Matrix system that lets you route filters and modulation to each sound; amp & filter envelopes to control the sound input; a dedicated sub-bass option; a dedicated sample playback option & tremolo/vibrato & unison controls.

Enigma also comes with a complete FX Section which includes 20 convolution reverbs. FX included are Convolution Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Reverb, Compressor, EQ, Chorus and Wave Shaper.

System Requirements

Enigma comes with AU and VST3 plug-ins and a standalone installer for Windows and OSX.
Enigma is not a Kontakt instrument and instead uses its own Enigma Engine.

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