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Emotional viola header

Emotional Violia - a virtual viola has never been played so expressively

Emotional Viola is the third member of the Harmonic Subtones Emotional Strings series. This long-awaited and logical addition to the cello and violin represents a very comprehensive virtual instrument that is easy to play and of course also offers numerous options for individual adaptation.

The Emotional Viola not only harmonizes excellently with the cello and violin, but also impresses as a solo instrument with its direct and unadulterated sound, its variety of essential to extraordinary articulations as well as true legato and rebowing.

So if you are looking for the perfect instrument for film scoring, pop music, songwriting, classic or modern, avant-garde viola compositions, Emotional Viola is the first choice!

Contextual sampling

As with the other instruments in the Emotional series, the development team from Munich decided to stay true to their concept of contextual sampling. Here all samples are always recorded in a musical context in order to capture the natural curve and expressiveness of real instrumentalists. With this approach, the recordings of a real vibrato play a major role, since they always look more inspiring and organic than adding an artificial vibrato.

Emotional Viola Header 2

Articulations, Patches & True Legato

Emotional Viola was created from well over 100 articulations and their variants. With the help of an elaborate and intelligent script, innumerable articulations are meaningfully linked with each other so that they follow the flow of the game.

The Emotional Viola Master Patch contains the majority of the recorded articulations, which logically overlap and use "True Legato" to provide the elegantly connected tone in the game. A total of three different types of transitions were captured in several sessions and simulate, among other things, the realistic change of bow direction or passionate portamento while playing and are simply controlled by the user via the velocity - the speed of the tone transitions automatically adapts to your DAW!

In addition to the Master Patch, the Emotional Viola also contains an Individuals Patch, which is a series of keyswitch patches with different articulations in the same category, such as Sustains, Shorts, Trills and others. The Specials Patch offers some unusual articulations and effects and the Stackable Patch contains the main articulations with standardized keyswitching to match the stackable patches by Emotional Cello & Emotional Viola.

Viola Main GUI

Selection of the included playing styles:

Spiccato, Rota Spicc, Pizzicato, Fliegiger Aufstrich, Delicate Phrased, Delicate Sustain, Touch Sense Espressive, Espressivo Long, Progressive Vibrato Phrased, Progressive Vibrato Long, Expressive Brahms, Brahms Long, Arpeggio Shorts RR, Rota Vivid, Czardas SfDe, Sustain Vib X , Sustain Non Vib XFDe, Kernig NV Shorts, Nordic Long, Nordic Variety, Fast Lines Late Vib, Fast Lines Swelling Vib, Tremolo XFDe, Trill HT, Trill WT, Flautando, Nordic, Morbid, Harmonics, Sulponticello XFDE, Sul C, Undulation Wait.

Ornament keyswitches

A highlight are the ornament keyswitches. Unlike the articulation keyswitches, they are temporary and allow variations in the articulation already selected. So you can blend the current game type into another articulation by pressing one of the ornament keyswitches or generate variations. Last but not least, the Ornament MKS offer typical effects such as glissando, harmonics and many more.

Viola FX GUI

The effects

In order to design the sound of the viola according to your wishes, there are effects specially tailored to the instrument. This includes a 3-band EQ, a switchable Sordino and a timbre function. For a simple and characterful modulation of the basic sound, the latter contains 15 convolution-based presets from well-known and experienced sound engineers.

For the use of the violia as a 1st chair viola in an orchestral application field, there are also timbre EQs that place the viola in its correct place in the orchestra room. The final touch is provided by the "Room" and "Reverb" modules, which reproduce the sound of real rooms using professionally recorded convolution reverb presets and can also be set separately.

You are the interpreter!

The surface of the Emotional Viola has some advanced functions that make it easier for you as a user to play the library. "Poly Legato" recognizes whether you are currently playing a bound melody line or a chord and "Legato Trimming" allows you to manually adjust the speed of the legato and portamento transitions.

The attack function allows you to add an additional start sample, regardless of the currently selected articulation, in order to incorporate short notes or to simulate harsh starting notes during legato play. The correct tuning is also ensured: With the "Micro Tuning Option", the best-known tunings can be applied to the viola and completely new tunings can be created.

Viola Expert GUI

The recording

Like the cello and violin, the viola was recorded in the Mastermix Studio / near Munich in a wood-paneled room with high ceilings and the greatest possible distance from the wall. For the most flexible use possible, two Neumann microphones KM184 and U87 were deliberately recorded. So the space remained quite subtle and you can then create your desired sound with your own effects. However, you can also use the integrated convolution reverb.

The following list shows whether the relevant version of Kontakt is compatible with your operating system:


Contact 4:

  •     OS X 10.6 & 10.7 = up to 4.2.4
  •     From OS X 10.8 = no longer supported

Contact 5:

  •     OS X 10.6 = Up to 5.0.3
  •     OS X 10.7 = Up to 5.3.1
  •     OS X 10.8 = 5.0.3 - 5.5.1
  •     OS X 10.9 = 5.3.0 - 5.6.6
  •     OS X 10.10 = 5.3.0 - 5.7.3
  •     OS X 10.11 = 5.5.1 - Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.12 = 5.6.1 - Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.13 = Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.14 = Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.15 = Latest

Contact 6:

  • Mac OS 10.12 - 10.15 (latest update)


Contact 4:

  •     XP = up to 4.2.4
  •     Vista = up to 4.2.4
  •     Windows 7 = up to 4.2.4
  •     Windows 8 & 10 = no longer supported

Contact 5:

  •     XP = up to 5.2.0
  •     Vista = up to 5.2.0
  •     Windows 7 = Latest
  •     Windows 8 & 10 = Latest

Contact 6:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 (latest service pack, only 64-bit)


  • 1GB free hard disk space for the application

  • additional hard disk space according to the library size


Stand-alone | VST | Audio Units | ASIO | CoreAudio | WASAPI | AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)

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Contact Player 6.2.2 or newer required.

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