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Bass, presets and MIDI – all tailored for gospel perfection

Toontrack EBX Gospel is an expansion for Toontrack's EZbass which is designed to provide the perfect combination of bass, presets and MIDI for gospel-inspired music.

With an instrument that represents the literal definition of extreme clarity, balance and nuance, you can expect mix-ready tones that cover the entire range needed to cut through in any song of this highly diverse genre. Warm, round, growly, pristine, mid-focused, lush, bright, articulate – the list of adjectives that can be used to describe the sound of the Gospel EBX is near-infinite. If just a few of these tick any of your boxes for what a great bass tone is, you’re in for a treat.

Add to all that the MIDI library coupled with the intuitive features of EZbass and you have a powerhouse of creative possibilities. Welcome to the new holy grail in your arsenal of instruments for EZbass.


  • A meticulously captured high-end bass
  • Sampled with finger and slap articulations in two different positions: bridge and neck.
  • Includes a wealth of presets for a broad range of gospel-inspired tones – from warm and round to bright and edgy.
  • Comes with a ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset option for both the bridge and neck samples.
  • Includes a custom MIDI library inspired by traditional and modern gospel music.

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Flawless elegance down to the tiniest detail.

When scouring the world of basses associated with the gospel scene, clearly one brand and model blatantly stands out: the MTD USA 535 Andrew Gouche AG5. To many, this is the ultimate incarnation of a perfect bass, embodying both a matchless playability and a tonal range that fills the entire frequency range to the brim.

"To me, this bass displays the apex of craftsmanship. Playing it literally feels like driving a new high-end car. That luxury feel and this bass' lush, full-bodied tone is the definition of what's needed in a genre where the bass as an instrument truly is allowed to occupy room, glow and shine in all of its glory," comments Magnus Melkersson, EZbass lead R&D technician.


The bass in the Gospel EBX was captured with the same scrutiny as the instruments included with the core EZbass library and covers all the subtle articulations you need in order to produce stunning performances. Seeing as the finger playing style is the absolute predominant one in any facet of gospel music, the bass focuses solely on capturing that to its fullest extent. In addition to the regular ‘bridge’ striking position, the library also includes an identical set of articulations for a version where the bass was played closer to the neck. In effect, this provides you with two fundamentally different tonal characteristics of the same instrument – one bright and direct and one noticeably more warm, round and mid-focused.

System Requirements 

  • A working Toontrack EZbass 1.0.7 (or above) installation.