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Expand your EZbass software for less with this great value EBX bundle

The Toontrack EBX Value Pack is perfect for existing EZbass users that want to expand their universe of sound. Create your own dream team of EBX expansions by getting an EBX Value Pack which saves almost £50 compared to buying three EBX titles separately. This download includes codes that enable you to download 3 EBX expansions of your choice when you register them at the Toontrack website.

Toontrack EBX Fretless

Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZbass comes with a handpicked instrument, sampled in extreme detail to capture all of the unique characteristics of a fretless bass. The sublime and soaring violin-like character, the near-weightless glissando, the rich, full and hearty sustain and the incredibly unique overall expressiveness are all qualities that make it utterly impossible to mistake it for a traditional bass. A subtle vibrato or just the strike of a single note gives it away.

Toontrack EBX Classic Rock

Toontrack EBX: Classic Rock is an expansion for EZbass featuring a meticulously captured 1960s bass. Picked for its optimal qualities, this bass embodies all the wants and needs you’d be looking for in a workhorse of a rock instrument: the thick low end, the soaring harmonics and that bright and articulate sustain that cuts through in any mix without being overpowering. Simply put, this is a bass that oozes rock at the strike of a single note.

Toontrack EBX Metal

Toontrack EBX Metal is an expansion for EZbass designed to provide a broad palette of tones for metal. Combining detail, clarity and extreme power in the form of a pristinely defined low-end, this instrument checks off all the characteristics needed to cut through just as well at break-neck speed in a brutal death metal track as a rhythmic progressive passage, a dense wall of guitars or literally anything in between or beyond.

 Toontrack EBX Gospel

Toontrack EBX Gospel is an expansion for Toontrack's EZbass which is designed to provide the perfect combination of bass, presets and MIDI for gospel-inspired music. With an instrument that represents the literal definition of extreme clarity, balance and nuance, you can expect mix-ready tones that cover the entire range needed to cut through in any song of this highly diverse genre.

System Requirements 

  • A working Toontrack EZbass 1.0.7 (or above) installation


  • AU
  • AAX
  • VST