Unique groove foundations inspired by soundtracks, scores and more!


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Unique groove foundations inspired by soundtracks, scores and more!

Dive into a world of rhythmic exploration with this exceptional drum MIDI pack. Designed with unconventional grooves and unique instrumentation, it draws inspiration from a variety of genres, ensuring a truly diverse experience. Seamlessly blend elements to craft innovative hybrid beats, allowing your creativity to flourish without limits. Get ready to slice, dice, and be amazed by the endless possibilities this pack offers for playful experimentation.


  • Drum grooves inspired by soundtracks, scores, odd time signatures and pattern-like rhythms
  • Designed for creative layering, mixing and matching
  • Includes 39 “songs” and more than 380 individually played 8-bar loops
  • 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 7/8 in straight and/or swing feel
  • Tempos ranging from 77 BPM to 163 BPM
  • Performed by drummer Luke Oswald
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To use this product, an installed and activated Version of EZdrummer or Superior Drummer is required.

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