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Immerse yourself in ancient pagan music and the sound of the Vikings

With Dark ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte , the master of mystical sounds, takes us back to a dark time in which the earliest sagas were created and the ancient gods of the north still determined the fate of people. With this library you can experience the sounds about which the Vikings and other long- forgotten peoples and cultures sang their myths.

The fascinating sounds of Dark ERA range from the transcendental roar of the ancient string harp Tagelharpa to the unmatched beauty of the Lyre strung with gut strings to the unmistakable, distinctive sound of Nordic bone flutes and the Fujara overtone flute .

Goose bumps are guaranteed with the sound of war horns such as the wooden lur, the thunder of powerful percussion instruments and a whole ensemble of frame drums and mystical larynx chants. These instruments are an impressive collection of atmospheric, over longer periods of time evolving soundscapes and rhythmically pulsating surfaces adds. These unique sounds make Dark ERA another masterpiece by Eduardo Tarilonte.

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The instruments

Dark ERA offers over 50 instruments that consist of more than 20,000 samples. These include seven string instruments, 17 wind instruments and 33 drums and percussion. For the most authentic and diverse way of playing possible , several playing techniques were recorded and implemented in the library or the powerful cross-platform sample player engine. The wind instruments have True Legato and various articulations . The flutes also deliver some very unusual, haunting effects.

The stringed instruments also have round robin samples for notes played up and down. The plucked instruments were recorded using various playing techniques such as a pick, fingers and strumming.

Dar ERA InstrumentsIncluded instruments

  • Bowed strings: Tagelharpa / Jouhikko Small, Tagelharpa / Jouhikko Big and Crwth.

  • Plucked strings: Cologne Lyre, Ancient Lyre, Trossingen Lyre and Utrecht Lute.

  • Winds: War Horn, White Horn, Curved Horn, Shofar, Bukkehorn, Shell, Long Trumpet, Big Horn, Double Flute, Small Bone Flute, Vulture Bone Flute, Pictish Pipes, Elderwood Flute, Overtone Fujara, Didgeridoo and Wooden Lur.

  • Percussion: Shamanic Drum Small, Shamanic Drum Big, Big Frame Drum, 5 Square Drums, 2 Skin Drums, 2 Skin Snares, Skin Tom, Sieves, Anvil, 3 Viking Mouth Harps, Jawbone, Pan Medium, Pan Rusted, 7 Seed Shakers, Small Bells, 2 Cowbells, Bullroarer, Horseshoe and Bronze Mortar.

Sound design

The collection of instruments is supplemented with more than a hundred elaborately programmed soundscapes , some of which are rhythmically animated and pulsate in sync with the tempo, or create an unreal atmosphere with complex sound textures. They consist of several elements, all of which the user can adjust separately in the engine mixer in terms of volume and panorama according to his own wishes.

Epic Loops Mixer PageThe epic loops , which consist of up to 16 instruments and have up to 20 separately controllable elements with which the beats can be flexibly arranged, were programmed for the rhythmic accompaniment . There are four variants of the main loop, different fills and endings (ensemble and single hits) and a pulsating sound that matches the rhythm. The loops adapt intelligently to the speed of the DAW.

The rhythmic pads , which contain both melodic and rhythmic elements, create a connection between drums and solo instruments . As with the soundscapes, the individual elements of the pads can be individually mixed and distributed in the panorama.

Another special feature of Dark ERA is the vocal section . Vocal rhythms inspired by the Inuit can be composed of single tones. 24 MIDI files, which the individual shouts play, serve as a template. Of course, the rhythms can be changed or created from scratch.

The recordings of larynx chants are divided into four different styles. C3-Harmonics can even be faded in using the controller. Shamanic ritual chants and individual vocals bring lively and authentic elements to the music.

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The application areas

This library is the ideal instrument for film soundtracks and TV documentaries with the appropriate thematic focus. The library is equally suitable for historical music productions or ambient music. In addition, it also provides the appropriate stylish background for games with this background.

The recordings

The used string and wind instruments as well as some drums were handmade by the specialist Benjamin Simao . The instruments were played by:

  • Benjamin Simao: Stringed Instruments, Shamanic Drums, Tympanum Romano

  • Iván Carlón: wind instruments

  • Adal Fernández del Castillo: Percussion

  • Moisés Pérez: Larynx singing & overtone singing, vocal rhythms

  • Joaquim Manjón: overtone singing

When recording the fur drums, special emphasis was placed on ensuring that the powerful bass comes into its own, but the sounds remain powerful. So you can literally feel when the sticks meet the fur. These sounds remain in the mix - present and powerful. In addition, the metallic percussion elements, which also include an anvil and horseshoe, sound penetrating and sharp.

Eldana Studio Dark ERA is tonally compatible with the other libraries of ERA series, since they also in Eldana Studio in Spain by Jorge Calderón Muriel with the same high-quality equipment (Kahayan Mic 4K7 and 12K72 preamp) was added was. The instruments were microphoned closely to capture all the nuances and to provide the most direct, flexibly editable sound possible for later processing.

The current engine version is required!

Best Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included in this product!

Mac OS

  • Mac OS 10.11 - 10.15
  • Recommended minimum equipment: Intel Mac 2GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone, AU and VST (all 64bit) 
  • AAX support for Pro Tools 11+


  • Windows 7, 8 and 10, 32bit & 64bit
  • Recommended minimum equipment: Intel Core 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone and VST (32bit and 64bit)
  • AAX support for Pro Tools 11+

for all systems

  • Internet connection for product activation (possible on any computer)
  • the library according to free space on the hard disk


Product activation:

You need an internet connection to authorize / activate the product.

AAX native, AU, ENGINE powered, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win
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