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Baby Voices Sound FX

Baby Voices Sound FX is a Sounddogs collection of 159 baby boy and girl baby voices aged 3 months to 11 months recorded from close and medium perspectives. This collection includes Baby Vocal Foley like burping, choking and feeding; Baby Vocal Moods like annoyed, unhappy, fussy and happy; and Baby Vocal Sequences that include a mixture of movement, chattering and playing.

 Here is a rundown of what you will find in this collection of 159 baby voices sounds:

 Baby Vocal Foley includes

  • Deep Breaths & Whispers
  • Bottle & Breast Feeding
  • Swallowing, Burping & Hiccups
  • Choking & Whining

 Baby Vocal Moods include

  • Angry Yells & Desperate Cries
  • Excited Laughter & Happy Chatter
  • Constant Crying & Gas Problems

 Baby Vocal Sequences include

  • Playing with Movement & Soft Vocals
  • Attempts at Talking & Quick Changing Attitudes
  • Fussy Baby Sounds
Product Specifications
  • 1.9 GB @ 24/48
  • 159 Stereo Effects
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats