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Create the perfect drones, pads, and soundscapes with ease

  • Over 400 drones, pads and atmos

  • Over 100 inspiring presets

  • Four separate sound engines

  • Import of your own samples

  • Powerful customizable effects

  • Intuitive modern user interface

Aura is an inspiring sound design tool that removes any barriers that stand in the way of your creativity. The seamless connection of four separate sound engines with a central X / Y pad ensures a constantly evolving dynamic and emotion. Choose from twenty three different effects! Modulate these effects with LFOs and step sequencers to create unique performances. Get started quickly with over 100 inspiring presets! In addition to being an incredible sound library, Aura is a powerful tool for using your own samples!


  • Four engines. One Dynamic Sound - With Aura's central X / Y pad you can score in real time to create compelling movement. Automate this realtime movement by recording the X / Y pad movement. Use your mouse or any external MIDI controller to control the X / Y pad.

  • Use Your Own Sounds - Drag any WAV or AIFF file to one of the four engines and use the power of Aura with your own library of sounds. From there, customize the sample start, loop points, and keyboard mapping.

  • Over 100 Professionally Designed Presets - Aura features over one hundred professionally designed presets that serve as inspirational starting points so you can spend more time making music and less time wasted searching for sounds.

  • Modulatable Effects - Choose from ten effects to modulate and apply them to any engine on the fly with key triggers. From controlling distortion with an LFO to running multi-bandpass through a step sequencer, the creative possibilities are endless.

  • Komplete Kontrol & Machine Integration - Aura: Atmospheric Drone Builder has been designed for seamless integration with Komplete Kontrol and Machine, offering you a unique hands-on experience. Easily manipulate the interface using the controls of all NKS compatible hardware.

Aura Main GUI

Features Overview

  • 415 professionally designed Drones, Pads, and Atmospheres

  • Four separate sound engines

  • Score in Real Time with central X / Y Pad

  • 102 inspiring presets

  • Load any external sample

  • 4 modulatable effect slots

  • 23 Separate Effects

System requirement

This product is delivered with the current NI Kontakt Player! Please refer to the product description to find out which contact version you can use the product with.

They want more?

This library entitles you to purchase the reduced crossgrade of the full version of KONTAKT from Native Instruments.

The following list shows whether the corresponding Kontakt version is compatible with your operating system:


Contact 4:

  •     OS X 10.6 & 10.7 = up to 4.2.4
  •     From OS X 10.8 = no longer supported

Contact 5:

  •     OS X 10.6 = up to 5.0.3
  •     OS X 10.7 = up to 5.3.1
  •     OS X 10.8 = 5.0.3 - 5.5.1
  •     OS X 10.9 = 5.3.0 - 5.6.6
  •     OS X 10.10 = 5.3.0 - 5.7.3
  •     OS X 10.11 = 5.5.1 - Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.12 = 5.6.1 - Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.13 = Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.14 = Latest
  •     Mac OS 10.15 = Latest

Contact 6:

  • Mac OS 10.12 - 10.15 (latest update)


Contact 4:

  •     XP = until 4.2.4
  •     Vista = up to 4.2.4
  •     Windows 7 = up to 4.2.4
  •     Windows 8 & 10 = no longer supported

Contact 5:

  •     XP = up to 5.2.0
  •     Vista = up to 5.2.0
  •     Windows 7 = Latest
  •     Windows 8 & 10 = newest

Contact 6:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 (latest service pack, 64-bit only)


  • 1GB free hard disk space for the application

  • additional hard disk space according to the library size


Stand-Alone | VST | Audio Units | ASIO | CoreAudio | WASAPI | AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)

Product activation:

You need Native Access to install, register, activate, and update your products. Launch the Native Access software and log in with your Native Instruments credentials to begin setup.
For successful activation, Native Access requires a working internet connection.
An offline activation  on another computer can NOT be performed.