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Back to the beginning

Even though the Area 33 SDX arguably is the most all-encompassing metal-related drum library ever recorded, the Thordendal/Bergstrand/Margarit team felt they had barely scratched the surface. They needed to get back to the roots - back to the beginning. In this continuation, they catapult themselves to formative years when heavy metal as we know it still was in its cradle. From there, they work their way up until where the first SDX picks up. Welcome to the continuation that begins before the first one started: the Area 33 - Origin SDX.

For this SDX, the team returned to Fredrik Thordendal’s personal studio 33 in Stockholm, Sweden. In total, five kits were recorded, each representing a pivotal branch in the bloodline of classic hard rock and heavy metal from the late 1960s through to the 1980s. But, that’s not all. With two tom configurations recorded of each kit – one open and one damped – this SDX covers all the blindspots in between, giving you the raw material to shape genre-transcending drum mixes for anything from earth-shattering and thunderous down to muffled, tight and snappy drums for any style. On top of that, the kits were captured using what is far beyond traditional in terms of microphones. Each setup was recorded using the classic close-mic technique but, in addition, with an extra set of microphones on each position. This means that each drum and cymbal is represented by both a mono mic as well as a stereo pair of microphones, allowing you to sculpt tones beyond what you thought possible. Additionally, to capture the stellar character of the 33 drum room, 11 ambience microphones (of which seven in stereo) were recorded. Finally, the kits picked for this project aren’t just any run-of-the-mill drum sets - they are all rare and vintage gems, virtually jaw-dropping in every sense of the word. All combined, this SDX is unique in all facets - from drum selection to microphone channels, ambience flexibility and overall sound.

This project is the culmination of when a group of self-confessed drum geeks get a carte blanche on studio time, an á la carte menu of drum choices and a chance to virtually run rampant sampling. Welcome to an SDX rooted in classic rock and heavy metal but that transcends any limitations of a genre. This is a library chock-full of nothing but pure, unadulterated love for drums and the sound they make.

  • Engineered and produced by Fredrik Thordendal and Daniel Bergstrand

  • Recorded at 33, Fredrik Thordendal’s personal studio in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Featuring five (5) unique drum kits

  • Toms for each kit recorded in two different configurations: open and damped

  • A total of 12 snares, 11 bass drums, 76 toms, 3 hi-hats and 24 cymbals

  • Recorded using 11 ambience microphone positions (of which seven in stereo)

  • More than of 130 GB of sampled drums and cymbals

  • Sampled by drummer Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation)

  • Drum tech and tuning by Urban Näsvall and Rickard Gustafsson

  • Includes a wealth of mix-ready presets inspired by classic hard rock, heavy metal and more from the late 1960s through to the 1980s

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