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A vast range of emotional and evocative timbral experiences

Alien Skies - Cinematic Ambiences 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed library Dark Skies: Cinematic Ambiences.

Alien Skies is a vast collection of ambient soundscapes, textures, drones, hits, and special FX designed to suit the needs of professional media producers such as TV, cinema & game score composers, music producers and web designers.

Extending on from the cutting edge sound design techniques showcased in Dark Skies, this fantastic new library utilizes the most innovative, modern studio technologies to provide a vast range of emotional and evocative timbral experiences.

The creative aesthetic behind Alien Skies required considerable musical artistry as well as amazing virtuosity behind the mixing desk. Many of these samples were created through exhaustive processing and mixing of live instrumental and field recordings.

In sourcing recordings for the project no stone was left unturned. A diverse selection of sound sources were utilized, ranging from Indian flutes and bowed Ecuadorian folk strings to found metallic percussion and industrial machines, to ensure the perfect array of raw sonic material. These sounds were then processed in the studio using literally hundreds of different manipulation programs and tools. Finally, the processed sounds were re-sampled and treated as traditional instruments in musical arrangements to create a fantastic array of synthetic, yet clearly organic, textures.

In short, Alien Skies is truly at the zenith of modern cinematic sound design!

All of the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original & royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees.

With over 4.1 GB of 24bit cinematic audio innovation and excellence, Alien Skies includes:

  • 720 Acidized WAV files
  • 720 AIFF Apple Loops
  • 810 Kontakt Instruments
  • 810 EXS24 Instruments
  • 810 NN-XT Instruments

Categories include:

  • Construction Kits comprised of various ambiences, drones, stingers and FX
  • Ambience-Drones-Soundscapes
  • Hits-Stingers-Explosions
  • Sweeps-Swells-Passes
  • Loops-Beats with tempos ranging from 75bpm to 173bpm

Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1 - 11:  500 MB each
  • Part 12:  97 MB