Writing drums for your songs has never been so EZ! EZdrummer 2 is designed to get you writing drums and making songs that sound great. Looking to explore a genre or are you need a specific kind of sound? The EZX expansions have you covered with incredible sounds and authentic grooves.

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The gold standard. Critically acclaimed, Superior Drummer 3 has extensive features to make sure you're equipped for every eventuality. The SDX expansions are created with the same attention to detail, giving you nuanced and detailed sounds and grooves for professional production quality.

Looking for that extra spark to bring your drums to life, or perhaps you need help in a genre that's outside of your wheelhouse? Toontrack has you covered with a huge range of Drum MIDI packs that ranges across almost everything you can think of. Written and performed by some of the best drummers out there, these packs really groove!

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A core texture of most productions, it's important to be able to write compelling Keys lines. EZkeys does exactly that, and with Expansions and MIDI packs to explore, you'll never be short of inspiration.

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EZmix2 is the fastest and simplest ways to get your tracks sounding radio-ready with a whole host of mix-ready FX chains and expansions created by the best engineers in the business.

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