Vienna Symphonic Orchestra


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Eight glorious brass ensembles

  • 8 brass ensembles - individually microphoneed instruments
  • Authentic sound, direct access to every single voice 
  • Humanize presets, adjusting game accuracy in real time 
  • Newly edited, mastered and expanded sound material 
  • Optimized for the free, intuitive Vienna Synchron Player
  • Outstanding surround sound from the Synchron Stage Vienna (Stage A)
  • "Out-of-the-box" sound - can be used immediately without further sound processing

The SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass Bundle contains the SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass I & II Collections and combines the revised and expanded sound material of our popular Vienna Dimension Brass I & II Collections with the unique surround sound of the Synchron Stage Vienna, which thanks to its excellent acoustics to the best reception halls in the world. In combination with our powerful Synchron Player and the newly implemented Humanize function, the SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass Bundle sets new standards in terms of sound fidelity and ease of use. Benefit from a  discounted bundle price!

Dimension Brass Bundle

The SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass Bundle contains eight finely coordinated ensembles of four brass players each. The musicians were recorded in groups, but a separate microphone was used for each player. This leads to a homogeneous ensemble sound and still allows direct control of each individual voice. SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass I contains four trumpets, four horns, four trombones and a "low brass ensemble" consisting of a tuba, a bass trombone and two tenor trombones. SYNCHRONIZED Dimension Brass II contains four trumpets with mutes, four horns with mutes, four trombones with mutes and a unique ensemble of four Wagner tubas that you will not find in this form in any other library!

Scope of the library

  • Standard Library: Samples 219.212 | Download size 13.7 GB | Installed file size 37.7 GB