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Gothic Instruments is the brain child of British producer and sound designer Dan Graham. Dan has produced sample libraries including Animato and Rise Designer (Zero G) and is also the founder of Gothic Storm Music. Alessandro Camnasio is the sound designer behind a lot of the sounds found in Gothic Instruments titles, and has worked on countless Hollywood films and movie trailers.

Gothic Instruments currently develop innovative, easy to use, software tools for two main product lines: 

DRONAR is a series of sound design libraries for Kontakt dedicated to creating rich, complex and expressive soundscapes, atmospheres and pads. Each module is based on a specific category/instruments with strings, guitars, brass, metal, glass, world flutes and percussion utilised so far and more instruments on the horizon.

SCULPTOR is a series of SFX creation tools, again for the full version of Kontakt. To date, these have been dedicated to impacts and whooshes, delivering monumental, energetic sounds to drive the emotions of your listeners - whether they be cinema audiences or dance music fans.