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Easily create epic-sounding drops for your cinematic trailers and electronic music

From gritty, smooth and bold synth sounds to cutting-edge futuristic textures, SCULPTOR Epic Drops delivers the highest quality raw audio courtesy of Hollywood movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio with the incredibly easy to use sculpting options that Gothic Instruments tools have become renowned for.

Drops (also known as falls, downers and power-downs) are an essential feature of dance music and trailer sound design: incredible falling-pitch sonic glue which adds power and professionalism to any hit and stop, and SCULPTOR Epic Drops gives you the means to create them in an instant.

SCULPTOR Epic Drops is the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' high-quality series of FX tools, following on from the particularly perfect companion library – Epic Risers, and other previous releases – Live Impacts and Massive Whooshes.

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  • Developed for full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or above
  • Includes 79 nki presets including Guest Presets from specially selected composers
  • Thousands of raw sounds from top Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
  • Flexible, simple interface offers numerous of sculpting possibilities
  • Add power and professionalism to any hit and stop
  • Create drops ranging from simple and subtle to vast and complex
  • Increase the drama within cinematic soundtracks and video games
  • Create engaging transitions and release the tension of an epic build-up in electronic music productions
  • Also ideal for SFX such as power-downs, futuristic sci-fi scenes and more
  • Ideal companion to SCULPTOR Epic Risers
  • Stuck for inspiration? Hit the RANDOM button for infinite new options
  • Add depth and power with the SUPER button
  • Total product size: 960 MB

SCULPTOR Epic Drops is the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' high quality series of FX tools, following on from the particularly perfect companion library – Epic Risers, and other previous releases – Live Impacts and Massive Whooshes.

Unlike many sample packs that simply offer numerous similar-sounding falls, SCULPTOR Epic Drops allows you to dive deeper and easily blend and shape the sound to exactly suit your project. Each drop is made up of a blend of two sounds, which helps to add spectral complexity and variety to the sounds.

With the GUI controls you can choose the exact length in bars, plus a whole set of other useful tools to sculpt sounds to provoke that desired emotional response from your listeners – whether it be a rush of excitement and adrenaline in a dance track or anticipation and suspense in a movie soundtrack.

The thousands of raw samples included in SCULPTOR Epic Drops were created by Hollywood movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio, whose credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America - The First Avenger, THOR and many more. The raw sounds range from synthetic to real sources, often heavily processed to make them more powerful. You'll find gritty, smooth and bold synth sounds, cutting edge and futuristic textures and much more.

SCULPTOR Epic Drops features 79 nki presets including a selection designed especially by a number of ‘guest’ composers and sound designers. The presets are grouped into the following folders:

  • Clean for pure, rich, big sounds
  • Hyped are wider and brighter
  • Dark are more low and dangerous
  • Vast are more big, cavernous and wide
  • Mod Gate gives you Mod Wheel control over the GATER
  • Mod Crunch get more distorted as the Mod Wheel goes up
  • Velocity Control allows MIDI velocity (how hard you hit the key) to control the intensity of the rise by varying the filter and volume.



Cinematic Soundtracks/Trailers: Drops (a.k.a downers) are hugely effective for the big screen, often put at the end of a section or even as part of a rhythmic build up. The sounds in SCULPTOR Epic Drops have been purposefully created to have a cinematic quality and therefore are incredibly effective for underlining certain moments, like slow motion, epic jumps and other dramatic actions.

Electronic Music: Builds and drops are essential in dance music and both need to be equally powerful to have the desired effect on your listeners – an incredible adrenaline inducing-build-up followed by a limp drop will not satisfy your audience, Epic Drops will ensure your drops are creative and energising!

Multimedia Sound Design
: Not just for music, the sounds in SCULPTOR Epic Drops have been created to blend well with moving images and therefore this is an essential tool for creating FX for movies, video games and other media applications. From power-downs and mechanical operations to lasers and other sci-fi and industrial uses, they can all be easily produced with SCULPTOR's incredibly creative engine.

SCULPTOR is a series of Kontakt libraries by Gothic Instruments that cover different aspects of sound design (impacts, whooshes, drops and rises), with new sound sets released regularly at a discount to existing customers.

The SCULPTOR mission is to give you world-class raw material, huge customisation by recombining sound fragments and adjusting sound-shaping dials, while keeping it simple and highly expressive. 

System Requirements

  • Kontakt files for fully purchased Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher
  • Will not work in the free Kontakt Player

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