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AAX native, AU, Mac, standalone, VST, Win

RealRick 4 brings you the incomparable sound of the Rickenbacker® guitar of the 60s into the studio, 6 and 12 strings!

RealRick 4 is a virtual Rickenbacker® 360 electro guitar, an instrument that is inevitably linked to the sound of the 60s and the Beatles.

RealRick 4 is a sample-based virtual instrument that contains the most innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar technology emulation on a MIDI keyboard.

RealRick Screen

Thanks to its unique performance features, practically all sounds, articulations and techniques that a professional guitarist produces on a Rickenbacker® guitar can be played on his MIDI keyboard, such as: B. Mute, Bridge Mute, Harmonics, Pinch Harmonics, Unison Bend, Strumming, Picking, Chord Chopping, Scrapes and much more ...

RealRick 360The Rickenbacker® 360 is a semi-acoustic electric guitar. The stereo and mono outputs are special. In addition to a 6-string instrument, a 12-string guitar was sampled and made playable.

24-bit 96kHz high-quality samples were recorded "dry" directly by the PickUps and thus offer the possibility to achieve the desired sound with an amp simulation of your choice.

In the early 1960s Rickenbacker® history became forever wedded to one of the biggest music upheavals of the 20th century: the invasion of the mop-top Beatles from Liverpool, England. The Beatles created unprecedented, international interest in Rickenbackers. John Lennon would own at least four models, George Harrison's double-bound 360/12 (the second one made by the company) defined a new tone at the other end of the audio spectrum. Its ringing sound embellished "You Can't Do That", "Eight Days a Week", "A Hard Day's Night", "Ticket To Ride" to name just a few. Jim McGuinn made the bell-like quality of its tone the foundation of the Byrds' early style. The Who's Peter Townshend, Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty, Steppenwolf's John Kay, and many other well-known 1960s guitarists became faithful Rickenbacker® users. Groups like Oasis, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, U2, and other of today's top acts include Rickenbacker® guitars in their musical arsenal. Rickenbacker® is the principal guitar of artists such as REM's Peter Buck and Against Me! 'S Laura Jane Grace, and many others.


RealRick innovations

  • The multi-channel layering technology enables a tailor-made library of special samples, in which each individual fret of each string was recorded and edited individually
  • A unique floating fret position technology that perfectly simulates the change of the fret position of the guitarist's hand on the guitar neck. This allows you to play up to 140 guitar frets on just 46 keyboard keys
  • Guitar Touch Technology lets you easily emulate all of the guitarist's basic techniques (strumming, plucking, sliding, bending, muting, etc ...) by using a standard keyboard and standard MIDI controllers such as pitch bender, modulation wheel, sustain Use pedal or aftertouch
  • The Sound Humanize Technology prevents the ´Machine Gun´ effect when repeating notes such as tremolo, scrubbing or plucking etc.
  • RealRick is equipped with a massive Pattern Manager that contains the complete MusicLab Guitar Pattern Library to easily create guitar accompaniments and rhythm tracks. All you have to do is select the right rhythm pattern in the Pattern Manager “Tree” view, copy it to the required number of measures, start your sequencer and use your keyboard to record the desired chord sequences. Alternatively, you can of course also enter these using the sequencer editor.
  • The unique Struminator technology enables the use of external MIDI controllers (standard: Guitar Hero Game Controller from Activision Inc.) and thus the easiest way to create authentic guitar accompaniments.

All of these technologies support you in your recordings and create extremely realistic guitar parts.

RealRick includes these guitar patches

  • 6-string = mono

  • 12-String A = Mono, 3rd string pair tuned in OCTAVE

  • 12-string B = Mono, 3rd string pair tuned in UNISON

  • 6-string (stereo) = full stereo

  • 12-string A (Stereo / Mono) = Main (sustain) sound is Stereo, additional sounds are Mono

Headstock 12 stringPerformance modes:

  • Solo, Harmony, Chords, Bass & Chord, Bass & Pick, Direct


  • Full length (recorded with full attack and sustain)
  • Muted (fret hand mute)
  • Bridge Mute (Palm Mute)
  • Harmonics (Artificial)
  • Pinch Harmonics
  • Scrapes
  • Pick position select (15 points)
  • Pick Noise (adjustable level)
  • Fret Noise (auto)
  • Release noise (auto)

Articulations / Techniques:

  • Up / down strokes
  • Hammer-On (up to octave range)
  • Pull-off (up to octave range)
  • Hammer-On with Pull-Off on key release (up to octave range)
  • Legato
  • Slide Legato Up / Down (up to octave range)
  • Slide Auto Up / Down (up to 2-octave range, speed adjustable)
  • Tremolo (up / down strokes, speed adjustable, tempo sync)
  • Trill (up to octave range, speed adjustable, tempo sync)
  • Bend auto (range, speed adjustable)
  • Reverse bend auto (range, speed adjustable)
  • MonoBend (Unison Bend, lower string bend)
  • Intervals (4th, 5th, Octave, 2 Octaves, Power Chords, etc.)
  • Strums up / down
  • Muted strums up / down
  • Slow strums up / down
  • Chucka-Chucka (barre chords muted) Up / Down, various string combinations
  • Strum speed adjustable
  • Strum layers (string groups) control
  • Number of strings used in strums adjustable


  • Violining (volume swell)
  • Sustainer (sound swell)
  • FeedBacker (harmonic feedback)
  • Wah-Wah (MIDI CC control, Auto, Modulation)

Key switches (solo mode):

  • 30 FXs assignable on 33 keys
  • Toggle / temporary switch modes
  • Custom key switch presets (save / load)

Chord detect / construct system:

  • 1-4 note piano chords to 6-voice guitar chords real-time translation
  • 26 chord types recognition, including 7th, 9th and altered chords, played in any inversion and voicing
  • 4 chord positions along the fretboard
  • Slash Bass Chords option - allows to perform major / minor triads with any note in the bass
  • About 2000 instant guitar chord shapes

Pattern Manager:

  • Built-in multi-functional Pattern Manager letting you in no time create professionally sounding guitar accompaniment tracks
  • MusicLab Guitar Pattern Library (1250 rhythm patterns covering a wide range of music styles)
  • Pattern Tree view, allowing to find / select rhythm patterns right from RealRick
  • Pattern view, graphically presenting guitar ´Strokes´ contained in the current rhythm pattern
  • Auditioning selected pattern by simply pressing chord on the external keyboard without starting your host sequencer
  • Total synchronization with host's pace, start / stop, beats, loop, time signature ...
  • Drag´n´Drop selected pattern from Pattern window right to your host´s MIDI track
  • Real time pattern arranging (dramatic changing pattern performance on the fly):
    - Add / reduce dynamics (velo +)
    - Randomize dynamics
    - Apply velocity of trigger chord to pattern dynamics
    - Continuous dynamics changes (+/- velocity assigned to Pitch Bender controller)

RealRick bonus software:
RealRick is delivered with IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 Custom Shop Software, which contains a complete guitar amp modeling setup and an effects package with high-precision models of the most popular devices.

Please note: RealRick delivers "dry" samples that were taken directly from the exit of the pick-ups. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of sounds with the help of various amp simulators such as AmpliTube, Guitar Rig, etc. Some examples can be heard on the audio demos.


Detailed description of version 4 in English:


  • New Song mode added, a perfect songwriting tool, letting you insert chord changes and patterns for the song directly into the built-in Song Track

  • Smart Chord Selector, allowing to instantly insert chords into the Song Track

  • Powerful Style Filter, letting you automatically find suitable patterns in Pattern Library by musical criteria: tempo range, meter, playing technique, and rhythm feel

  • Export MIDI file from Song mode

  • Humanize engine with 9 parameters added

  • MIDI output mode for Pro Tools / AAX added

  • Double Tracking configuration and patch letting you easily simulate 'double-tracked' guitar part with the single MIDI input (to use this feature you must run RealStrat multi output version, ReaStrat (2 mono) or RealStrat (2 stereo) plugin, depending on mono or stereo amps / FXs you are going to use. These plugins provide 2 outs in your DAW's mixer. In a DAW's mixer pan each output being used, then add the amps / FXs of your choice on each channel)

  • Harmonics / Pinch Harmonics on black Add-on keys added in Bass & Pick mode

  • Slow strum time slider added in timing panel

  • FretNoise automatic for repetitive notes improved

  • FretNoise (trigger) FX added

  • Transpose, Transpose (toggle) FXs added

  • Unison / Octave selection added for Harmonics FX

  • Strum time range increased to 200 ms

  • PitchBender Down -> Slide range automation added


System requirement

  • Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 32bit or 64bit
  • VST2 / VST3 / AAX 32bit or 64bit host
  • 2GB + RAM, 5GB + free hard disk space


  • OS X 10.9 - 10.15
  • VST2 32bit / VST3 64bit / AU 32bit or 64bit / AAX 32bit or 64bit host
  • 2GB + RAM, 5GB + free hard disk space


  • Works in all leading DAWs as a virtual instrument software plug-in, such as Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Sonar, Pro Tools, Studio One, Live ...
  • Standalone operation
  • AAX support: Pro Tools 11/12/2019 AAX64


Product activation:
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