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A hybrid instrument for modern pop

Toontrack EZkeys Dream Machine is a hybrid and preset-driven instrument designed for use in modern pop, ambient soundscapes and soundtracks. It’s centred around two main components from opposite ends of the audio spectrum; a Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano as well as an undisputed cornerstone in the melodic percussion family, the celeste.

Both main instruments can be used individually, but together they form unique sonic texture unlike anything ever heard. In addition to these two instruments, a marimba and a xylophone are utilised in the background of several of the many included presets to paint even richer timbres of sound.

All in all, EZkeys Dream Machine is a new creative vantage point in your arsenal of songwriting tools. It’s percussive, melodic and, quite frankly, sounds like a dream.


  • Perfect for modern pop, ambient soundscapes and soundtracks 
  • Two main instruments; a Rhodes Mark 7 and a celeste (to be used individually or together in preset combinations)
  • Includes sounds from a marimba and a xylophone (used in preset combinations)
  • A comprehensive collection of mix-ready presets, offering creative instrument blends of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds
  • Uncompromising dynamic response for great playability

 EZKeys Feature Overview

  • 32- and 64-bit VST, AU and RTAS instrument as well as low latency stand-alone application
  • Drag and drop the included MIDI straight to the built-in song track
  • Drag and drop support for your own or third party MIDI straight into EZkeys
  • Drag and drop MIDI from the song track or directly from the song browser to your DAW or to your desktop
  • EZkeys will analyze and chord-separate any MIDI on the fly
  • Record or overdub MIDI directly in EZkeys
  • Use your own, the included or any third party MIDI/chord progressions and transform with playing styles found in other MIDI files
  • Quickly add basic chords to the timeline or drag and drop any chord from the Chord Wheel
  • Real-time chord display that enables you to instantly see what chords you are playing
  • Chord selector, based upon the circle of fifths, allowing you to change chords instantly
  • Presets for the most commonly used chord types
  • Customize the coloration of any chord by opening up the detailed view
  • Alter the voicing of a chord on the fly by clicking the – or + buttons in the Chord Wheel
  • “Humanize” any pre-quantized MIDI upon import in EZkeys
  • Transpose individual song blocks or full songs
  • Export songs or files as wave files straight from the EZkeys interface
  • Comes with an easy to understand music theory document including MIDI examples
  • Possibility to tune the piano by octave, semitone or cents
  • Dynamics controls that let you adjust the velocity response to match your keyboard or playing style
  • Three pedals: sustain, sostenuto and damping
  • MIDI-learn and automation
  • Ready-made presets utilising high-quality effects from Overloud. The presets range from raw and unprocessed to heavily tweaked

The Presets


MK VII Basic
Based on the MK VII with tremolo and reverb controls.

Mellow MK VII
Based on MK VII, tremolo, reverb and adjustable grit.

MK Seven Dimension
Based on the MK VII with a nice chorus and a hint of celeste.

Dream Weaver
A straight up combo of the four instruments. Decide your own mix and add reverb.

Amped Hybrid
Rhodes and celeste. Adjustable tremolo and amp drive.

Club Wah
Roomy warm Rhodes with a hint of Marimba and Celeste. Adjustable wah effect. Add phase to your liking for that extra club feeling.

Blend Rhodes and marimba to your liking. Adjustable tremolo knob.

Organic Pump
Based on the Rhodes with adjustable attack to imitate an old pump organ.

A Spooky Rhodes and marimba blend with adjustable reverb and swell.

A kind of gritty Rhodes with a hint of celeste. Add xylophone to your liking.

Ambient Rhodes with adjustable swell. Add celeste to your liking.

Freeze Amp
Ambient Rhodes with an adjustable swell knob and adjustable amp drive.

MK Dreams
Rhodes and Mallets with lots of delay and reverb. Adjust amount of mallets, swell and octave effect.

Rhodes Sky
Rhodes with a beautiful round Mallet feel to it. Adjustable swell and ambience.


Celeste Basic
Based on the celeste. Adjustable tremolo and reverb.

Mellow Celeste
A smoother celeste with adjustable high cut and low cut.

Celeste Plate
Celeste with adjustable plate reverb.

Mallet Piano
Based around the Celeste but together with Rhodes and xylophone you get this unique “mallet piano”. Adjustable tremolo and reverb.

Celestial Ambience
Ambient celeste w a hint of Rhodes. Adjustable tape drive and ambience. Adjust amount Rhodes to your liking.

An outer space celeste with soft-sounding mallets and reverb. Add Rhodes to your liking.

Mainly ambient celeste and a hint of marimba. Add Rhodes and xylophone to your liking. Adjustable swell.

A romantic ambient celeste with smooth mallets and reverb. Add Rhodes, swell and delay to your liking.

Bell Room
A mix of all four instruments with a Bell like feel to it. Adjust reverb and amount of Rhodes.

Elven Children
Mysterious Celeste with a hint of xylophone. Adjust ambience and modulation.

Ambient echo celeste. adjust swell, delay time and add marimba to your liking.

Room Celeste
A nice basic roomy celeste with adjustable reverb and delay.


Panned Mallets
Marimba, xylophone and celeste in wide stereo. Adjustable stereo spread and reverb. Add phaser to your liking.

Vibra Vibes
Marimba and Celeste and vibrato for a vibraphone effect. Adjustable vibrato and reverb.

Balearic Sunset
Ambient and warm mallets combo together with Celeste. Adjust tremolo, ambience and modulation.

Ambient and huge sounding marimba and xylophone. Lots of adjustable resonance.

Mystic Movie
Mallets and Rhodes in a combo with lots of delay. Adjust modulation and delay repeats.

On the Beach
Marimba and xylophone in a perfect blend. Beach vibes with adjustable tremolo and modulation.

Popping Corns
Marimba and xylophone for that popping sound. Adjust reverb and modulation.

Playful TV
Marimba and xylophone in a cartoonish collaboration. Adjust octaves, ambience and swell. Add Rhodes to your liking.

Delay Train
A spacey mallet-driven preset with lots of echo and space. Adjust delay, reverb, swell, delay and amount of Rhodes.

Marimba and xylophone and lots of delay builds this echoey bouncy preset. Adjust delay time.


A poppy and almost intergalactic combo of celeste, marimba and Rhodes. Adjust modulation, filter, ambience and amount of Rhodes.

Celeste, Marimba and Rhodes creates this cathedral sounding combination. Adjust room and Octaves

Celeste and Rhodes in a combination that brings you out in the cold. Adjustable reverb, modulation and pitch.

A horror combo of all four instruments. Adjust reverb, swell and amount of marimba.

A combination of Rhodes and Marimba that leaves you floating in space. Adjust modulation delay, swell, filter and reverse effect.

Spoony Dark
A combination of Rhodes and Celeste. A heavier and darker but still weightless feeling. Adjust Modulation delay, swell,  filter and Reverse effect.

Barock Trap
A head spinning, mind twisting combination of Rhodes and Marimba. Adjustable octaves and ambience.

Mellow Dream
The Rhodes piano in an ambient, filtered harmonic version with a panning effect. Adjustable reverb, panning and filter. Add celeste to your liking.

Panda Age
Filtered combo of Rhodes, marimba and xylophone. Adjustable ambience and swell filter.

Ambient combination of all four instruments. Nice, warm and welcoming sound. Adjustable, ambience, attack and amount of Rhodes.

A combination of Rhodes and marimba. Huge swells and sounds from an ever expanding sonic universe. Adjustable ambience, filter and swell.

About the instruments

Rhodes Mark VII

The Rhodes is a classic electric piano that emerged in the mid sixties. Since then, it’s been immortalized in countless iconic songs and used by just as many players. It’s likely one of the world’s most popular electric pianos – spanning use in anything from rock to jazz, blues and the most cutting-edge genre of any decade.


Although a member of the percussion family, the celeste, is very much similar to an upright piano but with smaller keys and a much more condensed cabinet. Sonically, it reminds a lot of a glockenspiel but with a softer and more subtle timbre, which is also the quality that gave the instrument its name, celeste, meaning ‘heavenly’ in French. As opposed to a piano, the hammers in a celeste strike metal plates instead of strings.

Marima and Xylophone

These two melodic percussion pieces are both struck manually with mallets and have been used in near any context or genre. Together with the main instruments in EZkeys Dream Machine, these two timeless instruments are used for layering in several of the included presets, adding sonic width and timbre.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 2 GB RAM
  • VST, AAX or RTAS host application and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included
  • Internet connection for content download
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space



  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Intel-based Mac with 2 GB RAM
  • Audio Unit, VST, AAX or RTAS host application and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included
  • Internet connection for content download
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space 


  • AU
  • AAX
  • RTAS
  • VST