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Don’t be fooled by the name - yes Dronar Rolling Percussion has lots of great expressive drum and cymbals rolls (and can be used just for them!), but its main draw is a massive set of beautiful, rich atmospheric evolving pads from an exotic new sound-world.

The rich organic drums include timpani, tom-toms, bells, cymbals, gongs, triangles, tam-tams, bass drum, snares, vibraphone, angklung, xylophone and balafon.

They were performed, recorded and further processed by sound design expert Alessandro Camnasio. As well as natural untuned drum rolls, we get tuned versions of most sounds that can be played on a keyboard for chords and rich arpeggios, all beautifully responsive to Mod Wheel expression for powerful swells and crescendos.

In Dronar’s glorious engine eight separate sounds are animated by independent arpeggiators and modulations to conjure an otherworldly realm of rainforests, alien planets and exotic lands.

This module is excellent for anyone wanting absorbing exotic organic pads and will be especially useful to film and TV composers.

• Expressive atmospheric sound creator
• Includes 238 snapshot presets
• 2214 samples
• Compressed to 4GB by Kontakt
• Developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher
• Sounds derived from Timpani, Tom-Toms, Bells, Cymbals, Gongs, Triangles, Tam-Tams, Bass Drum, Snares, Vibraphone, Angklung, Xylophone      and Balafon
• Evolving, rich and complex soundscapes, pads and textures that would otherwise take hours to create
• An exotic new sound-world of forests, rainforests and alien deserts
• Glorious organic pads, and powerful percussion rolls
• Expert and beginner friendly
• 7 pages of simple yet powerful features deliver massive control
• Dive deeper with DRONAR's unique independent arpeggiators
• Create your own rhythm patterns in amongst the pad magic with the Rhythm Editor
• Onboard FX provide further sound design opportunities

System Requirements

  • 4GBRAM
  • Windows 7-10 or OS X 10.11 and above
  • Kontakt 5.8.1
  • Avoid directly hosting in Logic Pro X with a pre-2014 or less powerful Mac (Logic Pro X
    forces Dronar to run on one core which can lead to CPU spikes on less powerful or older Macs including Mac Pros, so a different DAW or external host such as VE PRO is recommended to avoid this)


  • At least four cores, i7
  • At least 16 GB RAM
  • Windows 7-10 or OS X 10.11 and above • Kontakt 5.8.1 or later
  • Installed on an SSD drive
  • Computer from 2014 or newer
  • 256 samples audio buffer


  • Kontakt files