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Take advantage of deep discounts now on all 27 Big Bang Orchestra Packs, from Andromeda to Zodiac. From bombastic tutti recordings to spherical effects, from pounding brass to fragile woodwinds, from thundering drums to angelic choirs - the Big Bang Orchestra offers you an endless treasure trove of orchestral sounds, with which you can create large orchestrations very easily and in the shortest possible time , but also able to work in a nuanced and detailed way.

With the purchase of BBO: Andromeda you will also receive a 20% discount promo code to use on your next purchase of a Big Bang Orchestra Pack (BBO Bundle excluded). The promo code is valid until July 31, 2023, but you can still use it in May to further reduce the already low promotional prices!

Please note: the promo code will be sent along with BBO: Andromeda in the confirmation email from VSL. T

Promotional offer 3rd – 31st May 2023