Rob started out as a music artist with the 80’s bands PERU, and NOVA. He also got involved with sound design in the 90’s working alongside well know synthesizer brands and had a hand in producing legendary sound cards for the Waldorf Microwave, followed by the factory patches (presets with initial RP) for the Access Virus and followed on with sound sets for the Ensoniq ASR-10, E-mu Emulator, Proteus-2000, and the E-mu Orbit-3.

Then, with the advent of VST instruments, Rob saw a chance to develop not only the presets for products, but also the whole concept for his brand that we have today!

The first custom synthesizer VST ‘Albino’ designed by Rob and built by Linplug was an instant success, but Rob wanted to create more and formed his own team with the brilliant coder Jon Ayres, who became his partner in crime in 2006.  RPCX (AKA Rob Papen Concrete FX) team was joined shortly by Jacek Kusmierczyk, who takes care of Mac version programming and the product Prisma. 

Of course, more people are involved behind the scenes in the Rob Papen brand. Firstly, JoMal our inhouse sound designer, who creates brilliant presets for our products, Hans van Even who is responsible for most of the GUI designs, Richard Hider(TONAL AXiS) who helps out on several tasks, our distributors, and last but not least Mike and Marion Papen who assist at the home base. 

Now, many years later the virtual instruments and effects under the brand name - Rob Papen - have become much loved tools by both professional and hobbyist musicians worldwide!

So as previously mentioned we celebrate our 25th anniversary with you and offer a FREE plugin ‘RP-PAN’, and a 25% discount on all plugins and upgrades throughout June!